Hüsker Dü Historic Sites
Note: map is a work-in-progress

1. Former site of Cheapo Records
Grant meets Bob, 1979.

2. Former site of Northern Lights Records
First Hüsker Dü practice space & mail drop, 1979.

3. Former site of Ron's Randolph Inn
First live performance, Mar 1979.

4. Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center
First demos recorded, May 1979.

5. Blackberry Way Studios
Statues and In A Free Land sessions, Aug 1980 and Feb 1982.

6. 731 Pontiac Place, Mendota Hts
Hüsker Dü/Reflex Records contact address, early 80s.

7. Milton Building
Metal Circus artwork window, 1983.

8. The Church
Zen Arcade rehearsals, summer 1983.

9. 1st Ave/7th St Entry
"Home" venue for most of the band's lifespan.

10. Hidden Beach
New Day Rising artwork, 1984.

11. Hüsker Dü offices and Nicollet Studios
Last four albums recorded here, 1984-1987.

12. Bridge and refinery
DWTKIYAL and Sorry Somehow artwork, 1986.

13. Rossmor Building
Post-Warehouse rehearsals, Nov 1987.

14. 2541 S Garfield Ave, Minneapolis
2541 artwork, 1988.

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Concept inspired by the Beatles Strawberry Fields Tour and the (now sadly defunct) Places of d.a. levy page.

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