Hüsker Dü Historic Sites

731 Pontiac Place, Mendota Heights MN

Photos: plh
I bet when you look at this unassuming ranch house on a quiet street in the Twin Cities suburb of Mendota Heights that your first reaction is not "Hey, that reminds me of Land Speed Record!" Me neither. This was, however, the official mailing address used by Hüsker Dü (and Reflex Records) in the early years. It was actually Greg Norton's mom's house at the time — Greg was still living at home. The band used to hang out there and rehearse in the basement. This photo was taken in May 2008. I never thought to ask Greg if he knew who lived in the house now, and was not about to pound on the door and ask if I could go down in their cellar to shoot a few pictures.

The address appeared regularly on the first few releases. The scan on the left is from the Land Speed Record insert, the one on the right from the back cover of Everything Falls Apart. The last record to feature the Pontiac Place address was Metal Circus; the address on Zen Arcade was a PO box in St. Paul.

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