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  • Unless otherwise indicated, all tabs were developed by Tony Peart. They have been captured, unedited (except for minor cosmetic changes), from his defunct website. It's obvious that he put a tremendous amount of work into this project. For additional credits and acknowledgments, see his original intro page.

  • Tony's original site included links to additional collections of tabs, chiefly for Sugar and Bob Mould songs, contributed by members of the Sugar internet mailing list during the 1990s. Most of the submissions are clearly speculative or of the "I'm not sure how Bob plays it, but here's how I play it" variety. In some cases there are multiple conflicting versions. I'm on the fence about sorting through that stuff and adding it here, but may do so at a later date.

  • Here are two other pages captured from Tony's site that provide some useful background information:
          — Notes on Playing Technique
          — Notes on Playing Equipment

  • Disclaimer: My own guitar skills are less than modest. I am not in a position to critique or authenticate the accuracy of any of these transcriptions.

  • By album title:
      Hüsker Dü
    Land Speed Record
    Everything Falls Apart And More
    Metal Circus
    Zen Arcade
    New Day Rising
    Flip Your Wig
    Candy Apple Grey
    Warehouse: Songs and Stories
    The Living End
    Singles and Miscellaneous
    Grant Hart, Nova Mob
    The Last Days Of Pompeii
    Nova Mob
    Ecce Homo
    Bob Mould
    The Last Dog And Pony Show.

    By song title:
      Actual Condition
    Admiral Of The Sea (The Last Days Of Pompeii)
    Admiral Of The Sea (Ecce Homo)
    Admiral Of The Sea (79 A.D. Version)
    Afraid Of Being Wrong
    Ain't No Water In The Well
    All Of My Senses
    All Tensed Up
    All This I've Done For You
    All Work And No Play
    Back From Somewhere (Warehouse)
    Back From Somewhere (Ecce Homo)
    Ballad Number 19 (Ecce Homo)
    Bed Of Nails
    Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
    Beyond The Threshold
    Big Sky
    Blah, Blah, Blah
    Books About UFOs
    Broken Home, Broken Heart
    Can't See You Anymore
    Celebrated Summer
    Charity, Chastity, Prudence And Hope
    Chartered Trips
    Come, Come (Intolerance)
    Come, Come (Ecce Homo)
    Could You Be The One?
    Data Control (Land Speed Record)
    Data Control (The Living End)
    Deadly Skies
    Dead Set On Destruction
    Divide And Conquer
    Do The Bee
    Don't Have A Life
    Don't Try To Call
    Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
    Do You Remember?
    Drug Party
    Eiffel Tower High
    Eight Miles High
    Erase Today
    Evergreen Memorial Drive (Nova Mob)
    Evergreen Memorial Drive (Ecce Homo)
    Every Everything
    Everything Falls Apart
    Fanfare In D Major (Come, Come)
    59 Times The Pain
    Find Me
    First Of The Last Calls
    Flexible Flyer
    Flip Your Wig
    Friend, You've Got To Fall
    From The Gut
    Get Along With Me
    Getaway (Gateway) In Time
    Gilligan's Island
    Gotta Lotta
    Green Eyes
    Guns At My School
    Hardly Getting Over It
    Hare Krsna
    Hate Paper Doll
    Helter Skelter
    How To Skin A Cat
    I Apologize
    Ice Cold Ice
    I Don't Know For Sure
    I Don't Know What You're Talking About
    If I Told You
    If I Was Afraid
    I'll Never Forget You
    I'm Not Interested
    In A Free Land
    Indecision Time
    Introduction (The Last Days Of Pompeii)
    It's Not Funny Anymore
    It's Not Peculiar
    I Won't Be There Anymore
    Keep Hanging On
    Lavender And Grey
    Let's Go Die
    Little Miss Information
    Love Is All Around
    Makes No Sense At All
    Masochism World
    Monday Will Never Be The Same
    Moving Trucks
    Never Talking To You Again (Zen Arcade)
    Never Talking To You Again (Ecce Homo)
    Newest Industry
    New Day Rising
    New #1
    No Promise Have I Made
    No Reservations
    Not Talking About
    Now That You Know Me (The Living End)
    Now That You Know Me (Intolerance)
    Old Empire (Nova Mob)
    Old Empire (Ecce Homo)
    One Step At A Time
    Out On A Limb
    Over My Head
    Perfect Example
    Pink Turns To Blue (Zen Arcade)
    Pink Turns To Blue (Ecce Homo)
    Plans I Make
    Please Don't Ask (Nova Mob)
    Please Don't Ask (Ecce Homo)
    Private Plane
    Punch Drunk
    Push The Button
    Real World
    Reflecting Pool
    Reoccurring Dreams
    Roller Rink
    See And Feel And Know
    She Can See The Angels Coming
    Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
    She Floated Away (Warehouse)
    She Floated Away (Ecce Homo)
    She's A Woman (And Now He Is A Man)
    Shoot Your Way To Freedom
    Signals From Above
    Something I Learned Today
    Sorry Somehow
    Space Jazz
    Standing By The Sea
    Standing In The Rain
    Strange Week
    Sunshine Superman
    Tell You Why Tomorrow
    Terms Of Psychic Warfare
    The Biggest Lie
    The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill (New Day Rising)
    The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill (Ecce Homo)
    The Last Days Of Pompeii (The Last Days Of Pompeii)
    The Last Days Of Pompeii (Ecce Homo)
    The Main (Intolerance)
    The Main (Ecce Homo)
    These Important Years
    The Sins Of Their Sons
    The Tooth Fairy And The Princess
    The Wit And The Wisdom
    Ticket To Ride
    Tired Of Doing Things
    Too Far Down
    Too Much Spice
    Turn It Around
    Turn On The News
    2541 (Intolerance)
    2541 (Ecce Homo)
    Twenty-Five Forty-One
    Up In The Air (Warehouse)
    Up In The Air (live version)
    Walls In Time
    Wernher Von Braun
    Whatcha Drinkin'
    What Do I Want?
    What's Going On?
    Where You Gonna Land?
    Who Was Around?
    Won't Change
    You Can Live At Home
    You're A Soldier
    You're Naive
    You're The Victim

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