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[Note: This is the original introduction to Tony Peart's guitar tab archive, captured from his defunct website. Links (long dead) have been disabled. —plh]

An introduction to the Hüsker Dü Tab Archive - Tony Peart


I would not have been able to transcribe the tab that you now have at your fingertips without the effort of the following people. Their work gave me pointers and the impetus to start tabbing.

  • Michael Sanford - who placed a few tabs on his (still) excellent Bob Mould/Sugar web page.
  • Gary Von Colln - for providing some excellent tab (it was your 'Celebrated Summer' that really got me going)!
  • Alan Widman - for his attention to detail.

A Brief History:

The first thing I did, over three years ago, when I first gained access to the internet was to look for Hüsker Dü tab. I had played the guitar for many years but could never seem to work out their songs. I had also once read an article that informed me (erroneously) that Bob favoured alternate tunings and this made me virtually give up trying.

Perhaps at this point I should note that I became a fan in 1987 when I saw the video for 'Could You be the One' on UK television.

The few pieces of tab I found were enough to get me started and three years later virtually everything the group recorded to vinyl is done. I started with 'Warehouse' and worked my way backwards.

Where possible the chord positions have been checked against live video footage so many songs should be considered 95% accurate.

Some of the songs are in chord form - this is because nothing would have been gained from tabbing them out in full. If you listen and play along to the record you'll quickly get the hang of it.

I'm not that technically a proficient guitarist so not all solos are tabbed (although many are.) The purchase of an Akai digital sampler has helped a lot, although I now use an excellent piece of transcribing software called SlowGold. It works much like a digital sampler allowing music to be recorded and then played back slowed down while maintaining the correct pitch. It's one of the few pieces of software that I would highly recommend.

I often go back to a transcription again and again so please don't consider them final versions.

Any improvements/additions would be gratefully received.

As noted in the acknowledgements, a few songs have been pretty well tabbed by others. I hope I have given credit where this is due, although I have further edited these tabs where necessary (no offence is intended - I'm just trying to make them as accurate as possible.)

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