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[Note: All tabs and lyrics below were transcribed by Tony Peart. They have been captured, unedited and with his permission, from his defunct website. Unless otherwise noted, all accompanying annotations are his as well. —plh]

Walls In Time

WALLS IN TIME  (Bob Mould)

Unreleased song taken from The Calm Before the Storm bootleg.

CAPO at 5th fret (all chord shapes relative to capo)


Dsus2 XX0320  CaddD X32030  Bm X24322  Csus2 X35533  G 320033  Em 022000

Fsus2 133011  F 133211  C X32010  D XX0232  Fmaj7 XX3210  G/F# 2X0033


Dsus2         CaddD                  Dsus2         CaddD

Em      Dsus2     Bm                Csus2
Is it a crime, to want to show your soul
G                D      Em           Fsus2
We've wasted our time, another black hole
     Em           Dsus2      Bm       Csus2
This guide is not even lost, not even sure
G              D             Em           Fsus2
Now find the disease or the cure

F                     C         G
Has life lost all its glory and wonder
F              C              G      D   Dsus2
Sad tales are told again and again
F              C           G      
Sleep toss and turn my old bed
       D   Dsus2        Fmaj7     C            Fmaj7      C 
What a tale, again and again

            Em             Dsus2       Bm       Csus2
Now all the stories of the world could fit in a building
G    D                 Em           Fsus2
In a building high and wide
          Em          Dsus2     
Well it's filed under headings
Bm                  Csus2
That no one's quite sure of
G                   D        Em           Fsus2
But Lord knows that everyone tried

F               C         G      D   Dsus2
Oh When the pen meets the paper
F                   C        G      D   Dsus2
When the mind, it begins to stray
F                       C         G      
How a soul can lose its will to explain
     D       Dsus2     Fmaj7    C
Oh explain, again and again
Day after day, 

C         Fmaj7 
day after day, 
C         Em             D        Em       D 
day after day, Oh-- oh-- no no no...

Em     Dsus2   Bm         Csus2
We all cry     once in a while
G          D                  Em           Fsus2
It doesn't fit well with your smile
Em                 Dsus2  Bm            Csus2
But then are those tears, are they for real
G           D                Em           Fsus2
Again and again it's how you feel

F               C                          G      D   Dsus2
If I was losing life, when picked from the ground
F         C                  G      D   Dsus2
A nice arrangement for the occasion
         F            C                   G      
But when flowers when moved from place to place
D  Dsus2   Fmaj7      C        Fmaj7      C        Fmaj7     C  
Lose all   mean - ing, dislo - ca  - tion, dislo - ca  - tion
       Em   D    Em   D
Mmmmmm oh ah--- no now...

Em               Dsus2
When a sleepless night
  Bm                Csus2
A flame attempts to spark us all
G               D
We might burn, candle light
Em               Fsus2
A waste of time, another dead soul
Em              Dsus2               Bm         Csus2
If these walls around my soul could talk
G                D     Em    Fsus2 
The words would lose importance

Em                   Dsus2
Within these walls I hold
                Bm          Csus2
So hear these words

G                D     Em    Fsus2 

F                      C         G      D   Dsus2
We all want to leave a mark somewhere
     F               C        G      D   Dsus2
With those of us who feign to care
   F               C        G      D   Dsus2
If all fortune its times we find a way
   F              C        G
To build up these walls in time, 
   F              C        G            G/F#
to build up these walls in time.

G             G/F#
D                                                 C
Oh, oh............................................now, now ,now 
D                                                 C
Oh, oh.now, now ,now........................now, now 
D                                                 C
Oh, oh.................................. walls in time
D                                                 C
we build theses walls in time now, now, now, now, now

Em       Dsus2       Bm       Csus2(hold).
Is it a crime?


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