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History of changes to the site, listed in reverse chronological order, since Jan 2004. Scroll or jump down to access updates prior to the current year.

Note: New additions to the acknowledgments list are not explicitly noted, but as a rule the names of contributors not already listed are added at the same time as their contributions.

Date Description of changes
03 Mar 2023 Updated the annotated discography entry for the upcoming Record Store Day release of the Hüsker Dü Tonite Longhorn 2x12" (including correcting the title and adding a temporary artwork page). Also updated the summary discography.
28 Feb 2023 Put up a and setlist page and a performance stills page for Bob Mould's 23 Feb 2023 show at The Chapel in San Francisco. Thanks to John Loughney.
27 Feb 2023 Added Bob Mould's 25 Feb 2023 performance at Blue in Portland ME to the dates page and put up a poster image, performance stills page, and setlist for the show, along with a venue image page for the club. This was an invitation-only gig—a 60th birthday celebration for David Israel, who, in addition to being Bob's friend, has also been providing assistance with Bob's online activities for many years.
24 Feb 2023 Put up a poster image for the 13 May 2023 UltraBomb gig at Reggies in Chicago (Riot Fest) and updated the 2023 poster index page. Tickets/more info here.
22 Feb 2023 Bunch of new UltraBomb May 2023 dates announced:
    11 May 2023, St Paul MN: Turf Club (more info)
    12 May 2023, Winona MN: Ed's No-Name Bar
    13 May 2023, Chicago IL: Reggies
    15 May 2023, Indianapolis IN: The Melody Inn
    17 May 2023, Memphis TN: Hi Tone Cafe
    20 May 2023, Austin TX: Kick Butt Coffee
    25 May 2023, Tempe AZ: Yucca Tap Room
    26 May 2023, San Diego CA: Corazon del Barrio
    27 May 2023, Long Beach CA: Alex's Bar (more info)
    31 May 2023, Denver CO: HQ (more info)
Also put up poster images for the 11 May, 27 May, and 31 May shows and updated the poster index page
10 Feb 2023 Added a Hüsker Dü article/interview published in Boston Rock #41 (05 Jul 1983 cover date) and updated the magazine articles index page. The interview was conducted after the 23 Apr 1983 show at Mavericks, the band's first Boston gig. Thanks to John Brauer and Gil Cayford.
04 Feb 2023 Updated the venue info page for Billie Goat Hill in St Louis with new information provided by Walt Winston, a one-time employee of the club, plus additional info discovered via a rabbit-hole dive into the history of the property.
25 Jan 2023 Added a ticket image for the 15 Jun 1987 Hüsker Dü show at Rocca Communale in Novellara, Italy and updated the ticket collage page. Thanks to Guelfo Buchetti for posting the original image to The Grant Hart Appreciation Society Facebook page.
25 Jan 2023 Added two new Nova Mob flyers, both for 1990 shows at the Lounge Ax in Chicago:
    21 Jan 1990 (club calendar)
    29 Apr 1990 (alternate)
Updated the 1990 poster index page. Thanks to Whizabee Sentinel (Whizabee Sunshine) for the pointer to these images, originally posted by Andy Valskis to the I Miss The Lounge Ax Facebook page.
23 Jan 2023 Date and venue have been announced for the UltraBomb Punk Rock Bowling Festival gig in Las Vegas: 28 May 2023 @ Backstage Bar & Billiards (opening for The Dickies). Put up a flyer image for the show and updated the 2023 poster index page.
21 Jan 2023 Put up a setlist page for the 17 Jun 2022 Bob Mould solo electric show at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham UK. Thanks to Rob Veryard.
18 Jan 2023 Put up a flyer image 04 Apr 1984 Hüsker Dü show at Mississippi Nights in St Louis that was canceled when Grant reportedly injured himself attempting a Russian Cossack dance. The show, celebrating the fifth anniversary of JET LAG magazine, was rescheduled for 20 Jun 1985. Updated the 1985 poster index page and added the ill-fated gig to the dates page. Thanks to Frank Loose of opening band Get Smart!.
18 Jan 2023 Updated the venue info page for Sweetbay Studios in Tallahassee to correct the opening date of the facility. Thanks to Kenny Lee Norton, who worked there with his brother, the late Burt Norton, owner and manager of Sweetbay.
03 Jan 2023 Added two new Hüsker Dü flyers:
    30 Jun 1982, Ritz, Austin TX
    22 Dec 1982, Off The Wall Hall, Lawrence KS.
The Ritz date was previously undocumented, but the Hüskers played two other gigs there during the same four-day stretch (with different openers), so it's perfectly plausible. The Lawrence date had previously been listed, but flagged as unconfirmed with venue unknown. Off The Wall (sometimes hyphenated, sometimes not) turns out to have been the original name of The Bottleneck, which is still going as of 2023. Made major revisions to both the Off The Wall venue info page and the Bottleneck image info page. Updated the 1982 poster index page. Thanks respectively to Mike Soden (Off The Wall pointer) and Lasse Wist (Ritz pointer).

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