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All songs known to have been written, recorded or performed live by members of Hüsker Dü, Nova Mob, Sugar and Grey Area.

Many of these are covers. Titles of published songs written by Grant Hart, Bob Mould and Greg Norton can be retrieved
from the BMI Repertoire site, or viewed here.

180 Rain
59 Times The Pain
811B-39 (L.O.F.)
99 Bottles Of Beer
About The Winter
A Day In The Life
A Good Idea
Ace Of Spades
Actual Condition
Admiral Of The Sea
Afraid Of Being Wrong
After All The Roads Have Led To Nowhere
After The Fact
Again And Again
Ain't No Water In The Well
A Letter From Anne Marie
All Human
"All I Got To Lose Is You" [see: All I've Got To Lose Is You]
All I've Got To Lose Is You
All I Want To Be Is An Alcoholic
All Of My Senses
All Tensed Up
All This I've Done For You
All Those People Know
All Work And No Play
Along The Way
Always Tomorrow
Amazing Grace
American Crisis
And You Tell Me
And You Tell Me (TV Mix)
Angels Rearrange
Angry Inch
Annie Had A Baby
Another Girl, Another Planet
Anymore Time Between
Armenia City In The Sky
Art Crisis
At The Hop
Auld Lang Syne
Author's Lament
Awake, Arise!
Baby Needs A Cookie
Back From Somewhere
Bad Arsenal
Bad Blood Better
Bad Moon Rising
Badstreet USA
Ballad #19
Ballad No. 19
Bang Punk
"Bass Interlude"
BB DuBois
Beating Heart The Prize
Beat On The Brat
Beautiful Time
Bed Of Nails
Believe What You're Saying
Believe What You're Saying (Campfire Mix)
[Berserker Improv]
Best Thing
Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
Beyond The Threshold
Big Sky
Black Confetti
Black Sheets Of Rain
Blah, Blah, Blah
Blind As Can Be
Blue Wind
[Blues Jam (03 Nov 1989)]
Books About UFOs
Boys Beat Girls
Brasilia Crossed With Trenton
Briefest Moment
Broken Home, Broken Heart
Cabbage Truck
California Zephyr
Call On Me
Camp Sunshine
Can't Fight It
Can't Help You Anymore
Can't See You Anymore
Castor And Pollux
Celebrated Summer
Charity, Chastity, Prudence And Hope
Charles Hollis Jones
Chartered Trips
Chatterbox Blues
Children In The Streets
Chilly Snake
Chinese Rocks
Cinnamon Girl
City Lights
City Lights (Day Go By)
Close My Eyes
Come Around
Come, Come
Comfortable Skin
Company Book
Complicated Fun
Compositions For The Young And Old
Cortez The Killer
Could You Be The One?
Cuban Refugees
Cut Across Shorty
Daddy's Favorite
Da Funk
Darling Be Home Soon
Data Control
Days Of Rain
Dead Set On Destruction
Deadly Skies
Dear Rosemary
Deep Karma Canyon
Desco Manko
Detroit Rock City
Devil v. Angel
Divide And Conquer
Do The Bee
Do Ya
Do You Remember?
Dog On Fire
Don't Fear The Reaper
Don't Have A Life
Don't Know Yet
Don't Stop
Don't Try It
Don't Try To Call
Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
Down In The Valley
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Dozen Beats Eleven
Dreaming, I Am
Dreams Recurring
Dreams Reocurring
Drug Party
Drunken Indian
Dum Dum Boys
Dying From The Inside Out
Eiffel Tower High
Eight Miles High
Erase Today
Eternally Fried
Evergreen Memorial Drive
Every Everything
Everything Falls Apart
Everyth!ng To You
Exit 180
Explode And Make Up
Expressway To Your Heart
Exquisite Corpse
Factory Builders Convention
Faded Way
Fade To Black
Fakin' It
Fanfare In D Major (Come, Come)
Fast Cars
Fear Your Gods
Feeling Better
Find Me
Fire In The City
First Drag Of The Day
First Of The Last Calls
First Time Joy
First We Were Strangers
Fist (Final)
Fix It
Flexible Flyer
Flip Your Wig
Forecast Of Rain
For Those Too High Aspiring
Fort Knox, King Solomon
Fortune Teller
Freak Scene
Freight Train
Friend, You've Got To Fall
From The Gut
"Fucked Underneath Days"* [see: Underneath Days]
Fugue State
Gauze Of Friendship
Gee Angel
Get Along With Me
Getaway (Gateway) In Time
Get Inside With Me
Ghetto In The Sky
Ghost Rider
Gilligan's Island
"Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill" [see: The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill]
Going Home
Golden Chain
Goodnight Irene
Got The Bull By The Horns
Gotta Lotta
Granny Cool
Gravity Of The Situation
Green Eyes
G Transition
Guns At My School
Guys Like You
Hail! Minnesota
Hair Stew
Hands Are Tied
Hanging Tree
Happy Birthday
Hardly Getting Over It
Hare Krsna
Hate Paper Doll
Hear Me Calling
Heartbreak A Stranger
Heart On My Sleeve
Heaven's Not That Far Away
Heaven's On Fire
Heavy Handed
He Didn't
Hedwig's Lament
He'll Have To Go
Helter Skelter
Here And Now
He's A Whore
Hey Joe
Hey Mr. Grey
Hickory Wind
High Fidelity
Hirohata Anime TV Series Theme
Hold On
Homecoming Parade
Home Of The Blues
Hoover Dam
Hormone Love
House Of The Rising Sun
How To Skin A Cat
I Apologize
I Am Death
I Am Vision, I Am Sound
I Can Make It
I Cannot Reverse You
I Can't Explain
[I] Can't Reach You
Idlewild Closed For Renovation
I Don't Know For Sure
I Don't Know What You're Talking About
I Don't Know You Anymore
I Fought
I Fought The Law
"I Fucking Hate Alternative Rock And Wish It Would Go Away"* [see: I Hate Alternative Rock]
I Hate Alternative Rock
I Just Want To Make Love To You
I Knew All About You Since Then
I Wanna Be Your Dog
I Will Always Love You
I Wish
I Won't Be There Anymore
Ice Cold Ice
If I Can't Change Your Mind
If I Can't Change Your Mind (Solo Mix)
If I Told You
If I Was Afraid/Coda
If I Was Ever Separated From You
If Not For You
If We Have The Will
If You're True
I'll Never Forget You
I'm A Berserker
I'm A Man
I'm Gone
I Fought I'm Not Interested
(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
I'm Sorry, Baby, But You Can't Stand In My Light Anymore
"I'm Tired Of Doing Things" [see: Tired Of Doing Things]
In A Cold House
In A Free Land
In The Eyes Of My Friends
Indecision Time
Industrial Grocery Store
Insects Rule The World
[Instrumental (07 May 1980)]
[Instrumental (03 Nov 1989)]
[Instrumental (18 Nov 1989)]
[Instrumental (18 Oct 1987)]
[Instrumental (Nov 1987)]
[Instrumental (Sep 1981)]
In Your Arms Tonight
Iron Man
Irrational Poison
Is The Sky The Limit?
Is Today The Day?
I Think I Already Know [?]
It Isn't Love
It's A Lovely Day
It's Not Fair
It's Not Funny Anymore
It's Not Peculiar
It's Nova Mob
It's Too Late
I Will Never See My Home
JC Auto
[Jam (11 Apr 1986)]
[Jam (12 May 1992)]
Jesus [Gloria]
John Brown's Body
Judas Cradle
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Just Be
Just Like Everything Else
Keep Believing
Keep Hanging On
Kid With Crooked Face
Kill The Russians
La Grange
Lavender And Grey
Leather Dreams
Let Go
Lethargy's Crown
Let Rosemary Rock Him, Laura-Louise
Let's Go Die
Let The Beauty Be
Letting Me Out
Life And Times
Life With A View
Like The Wind
"Listen" [see: Stop To Listen]
Little Bitty Pretty One
Little Glass Pill
Little Johnny Jewel
Little Miss Information
Little Nemo
Little Pieces
"LIVE 11"*
"LIVE 12"*
"LIVE 16"*
"LIVE 24"*
"LIVE 29"*
Lonely Afternoon
Lonely Blue Dream
Look Through Any Window
Losing Sleep
Losing Time
Lost Faith
Lost Highway
Lost Zoloft
Louie, Louie
Love Escalator
Love Is All Around
Lowdown Ground
Low Season
Lucifer And God
M. I. C.
Magnet's Coil
Makes No Sense At All
Man In Mile High
Man Keeps Winning
Man On The Moon
Masochism World
Masters Of War
Me And My Mind
Medley--Carrie Anne/Norwegian Wood
Medley--Carrie Anne/Turn, Turn, Turn/Norwegian Wood
Memphis Blues Again
Midnight Radio
Mind Is An Island
Miniature Parade
Minneapolis Sucks
Missing You
Misty Modern Days
MM 17
Moderate Problem
Monday Will Never Be The Same
[Monkees song]
Monster Mash
(It Was A) Most Disturbing Dream
Motives II
Moving Trucks
Munster's Theme
My Old Friend
My Regrets
Mystery Train
Nailed (LoudBomb Mix)
Narcissus, Narcissus
Needle Hits E
Nemeses Are Laughing
Never Talking To You Again
New Day Rising
Newest Industry
New #1
New L11
New L12
New L16
Next Generation
Next Time That You Leave
Ninety Miles An Hour (Down A Dead End Street)
Nobody Rides For Free
Non-Alignment Pact
No Promise Have I Made
No Reservations
No Water In Hell
No Woman No Cry
Not Talking About
Now That You Know Me
Nuclear Nightmare
Ode To Bo [or "Ode To Boed"]
Oh Baby So
Oh! To Behold
Old Empire
Old Highs And New Lows
Old Milwaukee
One Good Reason
One Step At A Time
Origin Of Love
Out Of Chaos
Out Of Your Life
Out On A Limb
OverLoad [Overload]
Over My Head
Paint It Black
Pale Blue Eyes
Panama City Motel
Paralyzed (Loudbomb Club Mix)
Parchman Farm
Party Doll
Password To My Soul
Perfect Example
Peter Gunn
Piano Mantras
Picture Of You
Pink Turns To Blue
Plans I Make
Please Don't Ask
Poison Years
Pray For Rain
Pretty Woman
Private Hell
Private Plane
Puff, The Magic Dragon
Punch Drunk
Punker's Lament
Push Me Away
Push The Button
"Put Your Past Away" [see: Whims, Whispers, And Feelings]
Quizas (part 1)
Quizas (part 2)
Racing To The End
"Radiate Away" [see: Is The Sky The Limit?]
Ramblin' Rose
[Rap Song (25 Nov 1989)]
Real World
Recurring Dreams
Reocurring Dreams
Reflecting Pool
Remains To Be Seen
Return To Dust
River Wish
Rockin' In The Free World
Rockin' Rockin' Roll
Rock Island Line
Roll Over & Die
Roller Rink
Round The City Square
Ruby Baby
Running Bear
Running Out Of Time
Run For The Wilderness
Run Run Run To The Centre Pompidou
Russian Safari
Sacrifice/Let There Be Peace
Sad Song (Drowning)
Sailor Jack
Sapphire Capital
Saturday Night All The Time
School Buses Are For Children
Screaming Fist
Sea Cruise
See A Little Light
See And Feel And Know
See No Evil
Seka Knows
Semper Fi
Send Me A Postcard
Sex Dolls
Sexual Economics
She Can See The Angels Coming
She Floated Away
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Shelter Me
She's A Woman (And Now He Is A Man)
Shine, Shine, Shine
(Shine Your) Light Love Hope
(Shine Your) Light Love Hope (Morel's Pink Noise Dub)
(Shine Your) Light Love Hope (Morel's Pink Noise Vocal Mix)
Ships, Strings And Carpenter's Things
Shoot Out The Lights
Shoot Your Way To Freedom
Shuffle Off To Buffalo
Siberian Butterfly
Signals From Above
Signed D.C.
Silent Night
Silly White Punks
Silver Age
Sink The Bismark [aka Sink The Bismarck]
Sin King
Sinners And Their Repentances
Sitting In The Garden
Slowly, Slowly
Smoke On The Water
So Far From Heaven
Some Kind Of Fun
Something I Learned Today
Sonic Reducer
Sore Eyes
Sorry Somehow
Space Jazz
Spiraling Down
St James Infirmary
Stage Band Tunes
Stand Guard
Standing By The Sea
Standing In The Rain
Star Machine
Steam Of Hercules
Stick It To Me
Stickman Vs Hangman
Stop To Listen
Stop Your Crying
Stormy Days And Mystical
Strange Language
Strange Week
Streets Of Laredo
Stupid Now
Sugar Daddy
Sunny Love Song
Sunset Safety Glass
Sunshine Rock
Sunshine Superman
Super Hero Shit
Surfer Joe
Time to Burn Surrender
Surveyors And Cranes
Suspect Device
Sweet Jane
Sweet Serene
Swish Commander
Sympathy For The Devil
Tag It
Takin' Care Of Business
Taking Everything
Tear Me Down
Teen Angel
Teeny's Hair
Tell Me
Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Tell You Why Tomorrow
Terms Of Psychic Warfare
T For Texas
That's When I Reach For My Revolver
The Act We Act
The Argument
The Baby Song
The Ballad Of Davy Crockett
The Ballad Of Mark Dirt
The Battle Of New Orleans
The Beer Commercial
The Biggest Lie
The Breach
The City
The Dead Don't Walk [?]
The Descent
The Door Into Summer
The End Of Things
The Fall Collection
The Final Years
The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
The Hunger & The Fight
The Last Days Of Pompeii
The Last Days Of Pompeii/Benediction
The Last Night
The Long Grift
The Main
Theme (It's A Perfect Day)
The Ocean
The Receipt
There You Go
The Right Words
These Important Years
The Silence Between Us
The Sins Of Their Sons
The Slim
The Star Spangled Banner
The Tooth Fairy And The Princess
The Truth Hurts
The War
The Window
The Wit And The Wisdom
Things Change
Think It Over Now
Thirty Dozen Roses
This Is The Way I Want It
This Man Needs To Be Free
Three Little Birds
Ticket To Ride
Time To Burn
Tired Of Doing Things
"Today's The Day" [see: Is Today The Day?]
Tom Cook
Tomorrow Morning
Tomorrow Never Knows
Too Far Down
Too Much Spice
Train Kept A-Rollin'
Travel In Opposite Car
Try Again
Turning Of The Tide
Turn It Around
Turn On The News
Twist And Shout
Two-Headed Boy
Uncle Ron
Underneath Days
Underneath The Apple Tree
[Unknown Grey Area song]
[Unknown Psychic TV instrumental]
[Unknown song--cover? (27 Apr 1983)]
[Untitled Hart Piano Piece]
[Untitled Hart Song (1982)]
[Untitled Nova Mob song (Apr 1991)]
[Untitled song--Aug 1996]
Up In The Air
Very Temporary
Voices In My Head
Walk With The Wounded
Walking Away
Walls In Time
Wanted Was
War In Heaven
Wasted World
Weak From Desire
We Need The Truth
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?
Wernher Von Braun
Western Sunset
We Wish You A Merry Xmas
What Do I Want?
What Do You Want Me To Do
What Went Wrong?
What You Want It To Be
Whatcha Drinkin'
What'd I Say
What's Going On?
When Annabelle Cries
When He Goes Walking By
When You Left
When You Were Mine
Where Diamonds Are Halos
Where You Gonna Land?
Whichever Way The Wind Blows
Whims, Whispers, And Feelings
Who Needs To Dream
Who Was Around?
Wichita Lineman
Wicked Little Town (Hedwig version)
Wicked Little Town (Tommy Gnosis version)
Wig In A Box
Wild Thing
Wipe Out
Wishing Well
Won't Change
Won't Say A Word
Writer's Cramp
Ya Ya
You Can Live At Home
You Don't Have To Tell Me Now
You Got Your Reason
You Really Got Me
You Say You
You Think I'm Scared
You Win Again
Your Favorite Thing
Your Generation
You're A Soldier
You're Gonna Miss Me
You're Naive
(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
You're The Reflection Of The Moon On The Water
You're The Victim
You're Too Obtuse

* Working title

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