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Misery #6 27 Jan 1983 Hüsker show review

This review of the 27 Jan 1983 Hüsker show at the VFW Hall in Kansas City appeared in Misery #6, along with a band interview and and album reviews of both Land Speed Record and Everything Falls Apart.

             HUSKER DU/CHOKE/TUNNEL DOGS at the V.F.W. hall
             in KC,MO. 1/27/83
             What a relief!This was a badly needed gig,as
             it had been a while since Ive seen a good thrash
             gig.The evening started with TUNNEL DOGS a good
             KC thrash band who banged around for about an
             hour which was 25 minutes too long for me.The
             crowd consisted of about 200 people with only
             5 to 30 people thrashing at a time.It would've
             been alot more fun if everyone was out thrashing
             instead of standing around throwing beer cans at
             each other.The word was out that the 7 bottles
             of wine that was being passed around was laced
             with 10 hits of pyramid each...
             CHOKE,the other KC thrash band,started there set
             with a great tune with fast screams by Johnny Sic
             the singer.CHOKE had a nice song about the local
             new wave bar ADRIAN'S too.CHOKE and TUNNEL DOGS
             are 2 great midwest hardcore bands and they both
             want to play at the KOPN benefit gig here at the
             Blue Note in March so watch for flyers with com-
             plete details.
             HUSKER DU,an intense band from Minneapolis,hit
             the stage and started blasting out "In a free
             Land","Target","What do I want" 3 of my faves by
             them.They played some songs from both albums 'LAND
             5 or 6 songs from the forthcoming album.
             The show ended with a demented version of "Wild
             Thing".Grant,the drummer switched instruments
             with Bob the guitarist,"Have some wine/I'm thirsty!"
             Mott-ly ,singer of T.D. and John Sic joined them
             in the shouting.The show ended in distortion
             and confusion.
             Thanks to Dave Howard of Rock Therapy for putting
             this show together and setting a good example by
             doing all ages,BYOB,and only charging $3.50.

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