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Misery #6 Interview, Mar 1983

Misery was a stridently anarchist punker-than-punk zine out of Columbia MO. The staff was obviously into Hüsker Dü in a big way, and still under the spell of the 27 Jan 1983 show at the VFW Hall in Kansas City. This issue, which went to press 08 Mar 1983, is riddled with Hüsker references. In addition to the interview below, there is a review of the aforementioned KC show, and album reviews of both Land Speed Record and Everything Falls Apart.

                Husker Du were interviewed before
                the show at V.F.W. in KC 1/27/83
                by the maggot,K-9,and Toddo.H.D. is
                Bob Mould:Guitar,vocals
                Greg Norton:Bass,vocals
                Grant Hart:Drums,vocals

                Misery: What are you trying to accomplish?
                Bob: Trying to get people to think generally.Were
                not into any politics.Were not into anarchy.Were
                not into capitalism,communism.Not into somebody
                else's thing,somebody else's set of rules.We just
                generally write songs about things that have hap-
                pened to us and that could easily happen to other
                people or visions or images and we just try to put
                them across the way we do.
                Misery: What's been happening in Minneapolis?
                Bob: It's been real good.There's alot of new bands
                in the last year.We put out two compilation cass-
                etes of Minn. bands that sold out,did real well.
                There's a couple of clubs that book hardcore new
                music regularly.There's parties where other bands
                can play at.
                Misery: What do you think of MDC?
                Bob: Real good musically,don't like their politics,
                nice guys.
                Misery: Your into individuals having ideas for

          Bob: Yes.Once you start aligning yourself with a
          group where you get this communist train of thought
          there is still people dictatng how the boats gonna
          flow.If you get into your own thing and figure out
          what you want    to do with your own life,you know,
          whether you wanna work a shitty job or whether you
          wanna go to college and get a real good job.You
          should do what you feel best at.If you wanna get your
          hair spiked out and walk around and harass people
          you gotta except the responsibility or lack of it.
          Misery: What do you think of the Nuclear buildup?
          Bob: Obviously I don't like it.I have trouble fig-
          uring out what exactly to do about it.In the 60s it
          used to be real popular not to buy products that were
          made by multi-national corporations who were support-
          ing the nuclear stockup:Honeywell,Dupont,most of the
          motor oil companies.You can do that.I feel real help-
          less about it.I feel like voting isnt gonna change it.
          Protesting does'nt really change it much.
          Misery: There's alot of personal convictions behind
          your songs.What kind of thing do you feel is most
          important to you?
          Bob: Me,and what I think and just trying to tell
          other people.Were all in to be individuals.

          Misery: What other Midwest dates have you done?
          Bob: Tulsa,Dallas,Norman,Des Moines,Madison,Mil-
          Misery: What kind of response did you get?
          Bob: Real good.Alot of those places it was the
          first time they've actually had a hardcore band
          play.Alot of times were the first band in town
          like this.
          Misery: You guys should play in Columbia.
          Greg: We are planning on it.*
          Misery: Are small clubs more fullfilling for you?
          Grant: We fill 'em fuller!
          Bob: I don't like playing outdoors like Eastern
          Front.It sucks,its like grass and trees and dust
          and stuff.
          Misery: How long have you guys been together?
          Bob: 4 years.We stayed in Minneapolis for two years
          just getting our shit together,working real hard on
          our songs and stuff.We never really thought about
          playing out until we got a record out and things
          started happening for us.
          Misery: How did you get on the New Alliance label?
          Bob: That was sort of strange,we were gonna put it
          ourselves but we didn't have the money so we called
          up SST to see if they wanted to do it and they sid
          yes we wanna put it out but we dont have any money
          right now,why dont you try New Alliance.
          Misery: When I called SST you guys were recording
          out there.
          Bob: Yes for the third album.It should be out in
          Misery: Whats it gonna be called?
          Bob: Metal Circus.
          Misery: Is that gonna be a full 33rpm LP?
          Bob: Yes 30 minutes.
          (Talk about how Jello never sings about himself.Grant
          likes "Lynch the Landlord".)
          Bob: Is that enough?   

* It would be a couple of years yet.

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