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Misery #6 LSR/EFA reviews, Mar 1983

Two Hüsker album reviews from Misery #6:

HUSKER DU/Land Speed Record (New Alliance) LP
Simply one of the best hardcore thrash records
in existance.Recorded live in August 1981 in
Minneapolis which is where they are from.One
thing you notice about this album is that they
dont stop ever.One song ends and the next one
has already begun.Order this album immediatly.
(New Alliance PO BOX 21 San Pedro CA 90733) M

HUSKER DU/Everything Falls Apart (Reflex Records) EP
Not quite as much impact as Land Speed Record but
that's because this isn't live.Nevertheless this is
a great record.Some of the songs that come to mind
are 'From the Gut','Punch Drunk','Afraid of Being
Wrong','Target',and 'Everythnig Falls apart'.
HUSKER DU strted Reflex Records and welcome all
letters.Write them and they will write to you.
(Reflex Records 731 Pontiac Pl.,Mendota Hts. MN.55120)

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