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Guilty Face #2 Hüsker Dü gig reviews

The following reviews of March 1986 Hüsker Dü UK gigs all appeared in Guilty Face #2. Dates reviewed include the following:
  • 13 Mar 86, Newcastle UK, Riverside
  • 16 Mar 86, Glasgow Scotland, Mayfair
  • 18 Mar 86, Leeds UK, Leeds University
  • 21 Mar 86, Manchester UK, International
  • 22 Mar 86, Sheffield UK, Leadmill
  • 23 Mar 86, Birmingham UK, Powerhouse
  • 25 Mar 86, Bristol UK, Bierkeller
The Newcastle and Bristol reviews were penned by Alastair Nixon. Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield reviews are by Paul Barlow. The Birmingham review is unattributed, but the repeat appearance of the word "mayhemic" suggests that this one may well have been written by Mr. Barlow also.

HUSKER DU - Mayfair,Glasgow.
We were pissed off a bit here at
having to pay £4 (£4.50 on door) and
£1 for any pint,since we'd travelled
all the way from Manchester.But,
anyway,as expected an enthusiastic
Scottish crowd more than made up for
it and Huskers seemed to really feed
off the great atmosphere as they
dived through all the great tracks,
mainly off New Day Rising and Flip
Your Wig LP's plus a few other trax.
Highlights for me (as always) was a
pounding version of 'Diane' - fucking
great song to get the crowd going!
This was followed by two encores of
Eight Miles High,Never Talking to you
Again,Pink turns to Blue and more,
and by the end it was hot sweaty bodi-
es everywhere.Had a chat with the
band at the end where they said it
was the first time in the U.K. that
they felt exactly the same level
as the crowd - some gig!!

HUSKER DU - Leeds,March 86. By Huskers standards this gig was lou- sy.Set was similar again (though they included the abysmal 'The Wit and Wisdom' off Wig LP) but the sound for most of it was echoey and feeble.Also a set of macho wanker flat tops at the front boosting their over inflated ego's so much that it was a danger to even dance! I got the feeling Husker's didn't enjoy it as much either 'cos they only managed one feeble encore.
HUSKER DU - Manchester International, March 21st 86. I was really surprised to see a large turnout here in my hometown (normally gigs here are terribly supported).And this saw Huskers truelly back to form with a mayhemic crowd response.I love it when it's rough at the front AS LON AS everyone is in good heart, pick each other up,etc - and this was one of those gigs.Plenty of bouncers across the front but it was to be expected with a low stage and they weren't too bad thankfully.Again a similar set with a few variations and Huskers seemingly playing everything twice as fast as on vinyl!
HUSKER DU - Sheffield Lead Mill By this time I was truly (spelt right this time) fucked from dancing to the last three gigs so I just watched this time.Missed the first three numbers as we were late in but when we finally got in the crowd seemed slow to get going and this wasn't helped by the band doing the ever boring Reoccurring Dreams halfway through,but I still enjoyed it - it was a change just to
watch (sober!!!) especially as the
sound was fuckin' crispy incredible!
Highlights were 'Dianne' and a speedy
version of Celebrated Summer.2 encores
and it was back home - to catch up
on all the sleep missed!!

(Those reviews by Paul Barlow.)
HUSKER DU - Birmingham Powerhouse, March '86 Yeeaargh!! A totally devastating gig this one,probably the best of the tour that I saw.Excellent venue (apart from expensive door prices),excellent sound quality and good crowd response combined to produce a mayhemic gig! Highlights were the great Celebrated Summer,Pink turns to Blue,and the slow,powerful Diane,off Metal Circus. A gig to remember!

HUSKER DU - NEWCASTLE RIVERSIDE The first gig of the HUSKER's recent British tour, and an excellent start to what turned out to be an excellent tour. Talking to them backstage, I realized how amazingly freindly and 'open' they are towards other people - not the rock starrish image that everybody has labelled them with at all. Three great people. Tonight's gig was as amazing as any other HUSKER DU gig, but more important for me,because it was in my home town. There were no slow songs at all tonight - just an hour-and-a-bit of manic guitar thrashing and subtle vocal harmonies. Bob replaced a string on his guitar,whilst the band played one of their earlier songs, 'Drug Party'. The rest was all stuff off 'Candy Apple Grey' and 'New Day Rising', the set starting off with 'Flip Your Wig' and 'Every Everything',as it has everytime I've seen them. BRISOL BIERKELLER The 2nd last gig of the tour,but the last for me (money had run out ),and another classic Before the start,I was beginning to think maybe I was getting bored with them, but as soon as Bob walked on and played those chords C,Emin,F and G (Flip Your Wig), I realized it was all worthwhile!! Yeaargghhhh!!!

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