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Guilty Face #2, Spring 1986

The second issue of Guilty Face, a British zine out of Gateshead (just across the Tyne from Newcastle), went to press around the end of May 1986, and was loaded with Hüsker material. In addition to the interview reproduced below were a bunch of reviews of gigs from the March 1986 UK tour, and a review of the just-released Candy Apple Grey album. The interview, though not explicitly credited, was conducted by Alastair Nixon, who edited the magazine with Peter Nixon (presumably brothers). Alastair also shot the accompanying photos, at the 13 Mar 1986 Hüsker show at Riverside Centre in Newcastle. In the article reproduction below, spelling and punctuation are faithful (barring typos) to the original text.

We sent an interview off to this lot in
Minneapolis quite some time ago,but
didn't here anything until the British
tour started.I spotted Bob Mould in the
bar of the Riverside club in Newcastle,
just before Husker Du were about to
embark on their second UK tour,so I
took the opportunity to find out why
they hadn't replied....
Do you still do fanzine interviews?
Bob: Oh,yeah - we still do those -yeah
Well I sent one off to Minneapolis ages
ago and still haven't had a reply.
Bob:We havn't been back to Minneapolis
for about a year now...
So what's the new LP like then? Is it a
continuation of the old stuff?
Bob:No,it's much different.There's a
couple of acoustic songs,some real loud
stuff,and some synth stuff.
Do you listen to your own records?
Bob:Yeah,I listen to my own records.

What's your favourite Husker Du stuff
Bob:Definitely the new LP.
What was the best one before that?
Bob:'Flip your Wig'
And before that?
Bob:Definitely 'Zen Arcade'.
All of the above took place in the
aforementioned bar,which is definitely
not the best place to conduct an
interview. At this point Bob invited
me back stage to meet Grant and Greg,
so I eagerly accepted.
After a small conversation about where
I had got my original Zen Arcade shirt
from (apparently,the band had made
them all by hand...),I sat down on
Bob's guitar case,borrowed Grant's pen
and some paper,and proceeded with the
What do you think of,say,Metal Circus

cont., looking back?
Bob:I liked it a lot then,but that stuff's five years old,it's hard to keep
playing the same thing for five years.
What do you think of the production on Flip your Wig, compared to that on 'New
Day Rising'? - you did it yourselves,didn't you?
Bob:Yeah,we did.I like it alot better - you can here what were singing,and
it's got a better balance and feel between the instruments.
Why wasn't there a lyric sheet with 'New Day Rising'?
Bob:Wasn't there? Didn't you get one? There was certainly one with the US copys,
all American records tend to have lyric sheets with them.
What kind of other stuff do you listen to?
Bob:We don't get much time to listen to other stuff you know - my favourite
bands are probably SOUL ASSYLM from Minneapolis, and VOLCANO SUNS from Boston
are pretty good too. The new REPLACEMENTS LP is real good too.
What do you think of all the extreme thrash bands from Boston (Gang Green etc)?
Bob: There aren't any bands like that any more in Boston,that stuff doesn't
really exist anymore (from background -'no,GangGreen play crap stuff now..')
Bob: I didn't really like em anyway.
What do you think of the new heavy metal
aspect of the hardcore scene?
Bob: Nah,I don't care much for that - the're
not doing anything that hasn't been done
before.And the're too sexist aswell - I mean,
I think the're serious about it aswell,the're
not just joking.
Have you heard many new British bands?
Bob:No,not really.I've heard the CULT and
JESUS AND MARYCHAIN - the're alright,but
nothing special.
What about the POGUES?
Bob: Oh yeah,I like them alot.
(Previously,in the bar,Bob had said he would be
finishing the night's set on time,so he could
go to the Mayfair to see the POGUES,who were
playing the same night. He'd never seen them
What else do you listen to?
Bob:PHIL COLLINS...No,no,just kidding - you're
not writing that down are you?? Aarghh!
At this point,Grant came and had a few words..
What are your favourite bands then?
Grant:There's a good all girl group from
Minneapolis called 'BLUE UP' - that's blue as
in the colour- their new LP is excellent.
What do you think of Minneapolis,as a place to
Grant:I haven't been there for over a year,but
I like it alot,it's a good place to live in.
What do you think of Newcastle? How long have
you ben herer?
Grant:We arrived on Monday (it was now Thusday
) - it's OK yeah.
Looking back,what did you think of LAND SPEED
Grant: Well,it was a good record,but it was
the first one....
Would you be happy if it were to be deleted?
What do you think of that stuff now - do you
ever play any?
Grant:What,d'you mean live?
Yeah - have you ever thought of breaking into
say,'Bricklayer' inthe middle of a set?
Grant: well we've thought about it,but I don't
think we'd do it now though.
How many gigs have you done?

Grant: Oh,about 300 I would say now.
Bob: What was that? Gigs? I would say
nearer 500.I mean we gigged at six a
month for nearly two years a while back.
Grant:Yeah,it's probably nearer 500.
Who sang on Land speed Record?
Grant:All of us.
What,do you mean you were swapping over
all the time?
Grant:Well,Bob did most of it.
Who sang 'strange week'?
Bob:Strange Week (smiles) -christ! I think
Grant sang that one...
Do you ever get annoyed with each other,
what with living together?
Bob: No,we don't live together.
No I mean on tour.
Bob: Oh no,not really.
Greg Norton was lying asleep on a couch,
his face covered with a stetson.
Does he always sleep before gigs?
Bob:Gregs been sick - I think he's OK now
though - it's his birthday today.
Would you ever commercialise do you think?
Would you like to get into the charts?
Both: WE ARE IN THE CHARTS!! Bob: Yeah,number 91,the single that is.
Well would you like to get to number one?
Bob:No,I don't really think about that much - not much point,there's not much
So would you Commercialise?
Bob: No,never. I can't see what commercialism is really,there's just good and
bad music,that's all.
What do you think of Sique Sique Sputnik?
Bob:Ha! FUCK THAT! There's gotta be at least one every year,eh?
What are your favorite beers?
Bob:Well I like this (points a can of
Federation ACE lager at me).
Have you ever had Scotch?
Bob:Oh yeah,I like scotch,just once in a while
No I mean Scotch ale.
Bob: NO,I've never tasted that.
Grant,what do you think of vegetarianism?
Grant: Well,I'm a vegetarian...
Bob:Yeah,I'm a vegetarian too,but not very
strict.I eat a lot of seafood.
Grant:Yeah,I love seafood too.
Bob,do you smoke much hash?
Bob: Very rarely,I only drink. I'll maybe
smoke hash if I want to sit down and read a
book or write or something.
Do you smoke much,Grant?
Grant: Not really.Only about ¼ a day. That's
not really much. (From background :it is if
it's opiated!!)
What are your favorite kinds?
(If you suddenly found yourself backstage
with one of your favourite bands,you'd
probably ask some stupid questions aswell...)
Grant: Oh anything - Black,Afgan,Leb - what
a question! Have you got any?
Grant:You asked the wrong question then,didn't

Were you ever on speed?
Bob:Yeah,we used t take speed,not any more
Why did you stop?
Bob:I wanna live you know! I'm 25 now and I've
gotta keep going.
Oh yeh,one last thnig.What kind of guitar do
you use?
(We were both sitting on it's case
throughout the interview.)
Bob: It's a 1975 IBANEZ Flying V.

Well,cheers to Bob and Grant for doing this
interview.Apparently Huskers were going to
do the TUBE,but that fel through.They are
coming back in June though(1986),and hopefully
they'll be doing GLASTONBURY,and possibly a
Whistle Test appearance,plus one London date.
If you didn't catch them on this tour,make
sure you don't miss them next time,cos there
undoubtedly one of the best live bands ever to
(Rockin' and back stage photos by A. Nixon)

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