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Metal Circus

SST press kit, Oct 1983

Text transcription (for searchability/quotability):

                     HUSKER DU

     Husker Du, a name couched in self-determined ambiguity.
Translated it means "do you remember". Indeed "do you remember"
seems a fitting way to describe the band's countless musical
changes, phases, and transformations.

     From their inception in '79, the threesome has broken
down musical barriers, charted their own paths and sometimes
made their own mistakes. All this while maintaining a firm
grip on artistic and commercial destiny.

     The group's first single, "Statues/Amusement" showed the
promise of things to come. The "A" side focused on the harder,
more abrasive side of the band's personality, with throbbing
bass and drums coupled with walls of shimmering harmonized
guitars. In contrast the "B" side presented a softer, more
contemplative aspect of the Huskers musical arsenal.

     With their initiation into the vinyl market ("Statues"
christened the newly formed Reflex label), the band embarked
on the first of many regional mid-west excursions that would
eventually blossom into full-scale national tours. An invita-
tion to L.A. brought them to the attention of Mike Watt's
recently formed New Alliance Records. New Alliance would
release the now legendary "Land Speed Record", a rip-roaring
adrenalin blast documenting the Huskers' '81 summer tour.

     In the winter of '82 the band went into the Minneapolis-
based Blackberry Way studios to record a new EP for the Alliance.
The result was the popular anthem, "In A Free Land", still one
of their most requested stage numbers. With the melodic "Free
Land" on one side and the near thrash velocity of "What Do I
Want" and "M.I.C." on the other side, the Huskers once again
excited and confused.

     Later that winter the band returned to L.A. to tour and
record the pivotal "Everything Falls Apart" with producer
Spot manning the knobs. The band played numerous shows with
the notorious Dead Kennedys and were featured on the pres-
tigious Eastern Front festival. After a short rest back home
the band hit the east coast where they played a series of
dates culminating in an uproarious show at New York's Folk City.

     The fall of 1983 saw the release of the most adventurous
Husker vinyl slab yet, "Metal Circus". The disc is a partial
return to the dirge blast of yore but continues the polished
tradition of the "Falls Apart" period. "Metal Circus" both
embraces and defies that narrow corridor known as hardcore.
Not limiting themselves to one genre it is yet another bold
step ahead for the ever challenging Huskers. As for '84,
it is quite certain to be the most creative year yet from the
mid-west's most unpredictable, yet musically reliable trio.


                     HUSKER DU

       1.81  Statues/Amusement 45 (Reflex)
       1.82  Land Speed Record LP (New Alliance)
       6.82  In A Free Land EP (New Alliance)
       1.83  Everything Falls Apart LP (Reflex)
      10.83  Metal Circus LP (SST)

             on tape compilations:

             Barefoot And Pregnant CASS (Reflex)
             Kitten CASS
             Charred Remains CASS

SST 001  7"  BLACK FLAG-Nervous Breakdown
SST 002  7"  MINUTEMEN-Paranoid Time
SST 003 12"  BLACK FLAG-Jealous Again
SST 004 12"  MINUTEMEN-"The Punch Line"
SST 005  7"  BLACK FLAG-Six Pack
SST 006 12"  SACCHARINE TRUST-Pagan Icons
SST 007 12"  BLACK FLAG-Damaged
SST 008  7"  OVERKILL-Hell's Getting Hotter
SST 010 12"  STAINS
SST 011  7"  WURM-I'm Dead
SST 012  7"  BLACK FLAG-TV Party
SST 013 12"  VARIOUS ARTISTS-"The Blasting Concept"
SST 014 12"  MINUTEMEN-"What Makes A Man Start Fires?"
SST 016 12"  MINUTEMEN-"Buzz Or Howl Under The Influence of Heat"
SST 017 12"  DICKS-Kill From The Heart
SST 018 12"  SUBHUMANS-No Wishes, No Prayers
SST 020 12"  HUSKER DU-Metal Circus

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