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The Hit, 14 Sep 1985

The Hit, a now evidently defunct British weekly, billed itself as "the new music and lifestyle magazine." In this issue appeared a two-sentence review of the Makes No Sense At All single (alas, the limitations of the HTML standard preclude reproduction of the umlauted S in "HUSKER," a delicious misplacement reminiscent of the N in Spinal Tap) and a slightly longer review of the 04 Sep 1985 Hüsker Dü show at the Marquee Club in London.

HUSKER DÜ Makes No Sense At
A fave rave of the HiT office.
Imagine the Buzzcocks fed on
raw meat, that's Hüsker Dü.

Marquee London
This was something of an event. The Jam's were
kicked out, the Ramones were out twanged and the
lyrical prowess of everyone from the Byrds to the
Beatles to the Monkees and back again was laid
bare over a rough hewn web of noise which spiraled
straight from the heart.
   Back in hometown Minneapolis they say
everyone hates Hüsker Dü. But, they're only jealous.
   Sure enough, the sound was messy but the
assembled hacks, John Peel and everyone from the
long haired herberts to the spikey topped morons
were totally transfixed by this mangled music
   Caring more for sound, power and down to earth
performance than image, custom designed sweaters
and tinted scalps, Hüsker Dü jumped several steps
ahead. In fact, they jumped so high they pogoed.
   Hüsker Dü could be the next mega sensation to
break from the American invasion. Their new single
suggests that it's possible and tonight's
performance confirmed that they're more than

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