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Suburban Voice #11 Eight Miles High review

Suburban Voice #11 also featured Al Quint's review of Hüsker Dü's Eight Miles High single.

HUSKER DU-Eight Miles High/Masochism World (SST 7")
     This should be the single that
breaks Husker Du to a wider audience.
If not, there's something seriously
wrong with radio programmers.  Hu-
sker's cover of "Eight Miles High"
is a highly credible update of the
Byrds' 60s psychedelic classic.
Bob's vocals are getting more ex-
pressive and the guitar, bass and
drums jangle and dart around each
other, creating a dynamic patchwork
of sound.  The flip is a poor live
take of one of their better new songs.  "Masochism World"
is a herky-jerky song with lots of strange stops and starts.
Only a studio version of "Masochism World" will be on the
upcoming "Zen Arcade" album, so get this single.
($2.50 to P.O. Box 1, Lawndale, CA  90260)

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