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Suburban Voice #11, 1984

With this issue, Suburban Punk became Suburban Voice, but the numbering sequence continued undisturbed. Issue #11 (who made the rule that prohibited fanzines from using the "Volume X, No. Y" method of enumeration?) finds publisher Al Quint recounting his three successive nights of Hüsker-chasing in Jun 1984. In the same issue was a review of the "Eight Miles High" single.

Tuesday, 6/19-Living Room, Providence-  The Proletariat were
supposed to be one of the warmup bands, but they couldn't
make it.  So a horrible power-pop band, Gangster Glory, fil-
led in, the only redeeming quality being a half-decent cover
of Damned's "New Rose."  Vicious Circle also played and are 
definitely one of the best
Rhode Island has to offer.
Great thrashing songs and Al's
expressive vocals.  Plus,
guitarist Serg coming out
looking like the masked aven-
ger and his huge fuzzy dice
hanging off his guitar, like
some beat up jalopy in Revere.
Husker Du was pulverizing-
their set was a wall of sound
that pinned you back.  They
opened with a new song, "What
I Learned,"* then did some
faves like "It's Not Funny,"
"From The Gut," "Everything
Falls Apart," but most of the
set was new material, much
of it with a 60s flavor, cov-
ering both psychedelia and
pop.  The encore was an erup-
tion of bombast, with "Data
Control" sounding as though
the beat was going to be dri-
ven through the floor, as well
as a smoking version of "Out
On A Limb."  Bob Mould's pa-
rents even made it from up-
state NY for the gig, so you
know he was going to work ex-
tra hard.  Get the "8 Miles
High" single if you haven'y
already, because it's not go-
ing to be on the new album.
Wednesday, 6/20-Chet's, Boston-
     A private party put on
by Sheena and Spencer-thanks
ladies, for the invite and
the free beer, even though I
only finished half of mine be-
fore it got slammed off the
table.  Husker were so hot 
it was worth suffering through a somnia-inducing set by Christ- mas. Actually, about 3 or 4 of their songs were semi-inter- esting, and I do like Michael Cudahy's quirky stage presence. It was request night for Husker and they did "In A Free Land," "Real World" and "Gravity"-I was in heaven! They hadn't even done "Real World" live for 16 months. It was great getting to see them at Chet's. I asked Bob about Minneapolis and he told me that there's a big psychedelic influence finding its way into a lot of bands' material and he admitted that Husker Du's music is going in that direction. He said he's always loved the 60s style, the music he grew up with. Sorry also put in a half-decent set. Thursday, 6/20-Pulaski Hall, Easthampton On to WMass. I must be crazy. 8 hours of sleep the

past 2 nights but, shit, it's been worth it.  Pulaski Hall
is a cool place for gigs, with that homey WMass feel.  Per-
sonality Crisis from Canada opened and were really good.
PC have a metal influence and some innovative twists and
turns.  There was even a vitriolic heavy metal jam.  Mitch
Funk's vocals are unique- deep, throaty and he exudes a dra-
matic stage presence.  Outpatients started off slow but
picked up steam quickly and, by set's end, they were smokin'!
I missed Busted Statues, since I was interviewing Viv Bondi
of Articles Of Faith, but they sounded good from the outside.
AOF simply blew everyone away tonight.  This is a band that
doesn't bullshit around on stage.  Viv Bondi grabs the mike
and aggressively commands the stage, while belting out AOF's
socially significant tunes like "5:00," "In Your Suit," "Bad
Attitude," "Wait," and "I Got Mine," on which there are 3
guitarists, including Vic.  Their musical attack is roaring
and powerful and the musicians assault their instruments to
the torture point.  One of the best bands I've seen so far
this year.  Huskers were also ripping, but the night def-
initely belonged to AOF.
     Was it worth battling fatigue, almost falling asleep
at work and permanent circles under my eyes- you know it!!

* "Something I Learned Today."

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