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In-House Flashback, May 2000

In-House #43 included, along with the cover feature on Bob Mould, this excerpt from an interview with First Ave stage manager Conrad Sverkerson, who reminisces about the times he's seen Bob perform there.

[taken from an interview with stage manager conrad sverkerson (by rebecca noran)]

  One of the first times I saw Bob Mould solo, I said it's great to see the music so stripped down that you can see where it comes from. There was one time where Bob was doing two shows -- he did an ID show and then the next day was the all age show. The ID show was great, the crowd was awesome, he had a great show. But he came in the next day and his voice was just gone. He was in the dressing room, had a drink of tea, had wrapped his throat in a warm towel. He got up there and started to play, and about the third or fourth song his voice just went. He looked at me -- [mouths] "what do I do?" So what he did was start to ask "what song do you want to hear?" to the crowd. "Do you know the words?" and kids would come up and sing, and he would play. And I think it was good because it was an all age show, because kids... adults probably woulda made asses out of themselves, but not the kids... and he came off stage, and he's like [hoarsely whispers]: "I'm really sorry." And I'm like, whaddaya mean, fuck it was great, and the kids loved it.

the rest of the interview can be found at www.first-avenue.com: click on HISTORY; THE MINNEAPOLIS SCENE; CONRAD.

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