Hüsker Dü Press Releases
Warehouse: Songs And Stories

Warner Bros press kit, Jan 1987

Text transcription (for searchability/quotability):

                            Bob Mould -- guitar
                            Greg Norton -- bass
                            Grant Hart -- drums

After a brief hiatus from seven years of constant touring and recording,
Husker Du have returned with their most powerful statement yet,
Warehouse: Songs And Stories. This two album set, with a release date of
January 19, is destined to shed new light on one of the most critically
acclaimed bands of the 1980's.

One may ask: why a two-album release, in this day of hit-and-run pop singles
and big budget videos? One reason could be that Husker Du prefers to
emphasize their music, rather than their image. These attitudes are part of
the reason why the band receives constant praise for their live performances,
and why Warehouse: Songs And Stories captures the band's unique blend of
delicate harmony and unrelenting energy.

This is not to imply that Husker Du is a one-dimensional band. Quite the
contrary: from the opening slashes of "These Important Years" to the hypnotic
singalong, "She Floated Away," the folkish parable, "Bed Of Nails," to the
furious resolve of "You Can Live At Home," Husker Du has covered a wide range
of styles in their own inimitable way. Key tracks are "Could You Be The
One?," "Ice Cold Ice," "She's A Woman (And Now He Is A Man)," and "Too Much

Plans are being made for a two-level tour of America, starting in the
northeastern states in early February. The tours will continue through the
middle of May, covering more than 60 major music markets in the process. In
addition, the band is considering a repeat trip to Europe, where they quickly
established themselves as one of the most important bands to cross the waters
in 1986. As for 1987, Husker Du will continue to build on their previous
successes through constant roadwork in conjunction with the release of
Warehouse: Songs And Stories.

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