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The Living End

Warner Bros press kit, early 1994

Text transcription (for searchability/quotability):


     A potent reminder of Husker Du's prominent role in
popular music, The Living End, is a twenty-four song
collection recorded live during one of the group's final
tours in October 1987, scheduled for release by Warner Bros.
Records in mid-April.
     Produced by Husker Du and their soundman Lou Giordano,
with extensive liner notes by Rolling Stone Music Editor
David Fricke, The Living End features live versions of
essential Husker Du originals from every album and phase of
their career, such as the early single, "In a Free Land"; a
superior performance of "Data Control" from their very early
live release, Land Speed Record; "It's Not Funny Anymore"
from the EP Metal Circus; What's Going On" from their
landmark breakthrough album Zen Arcade; "Celebrated Summer,"
"Terms of Psychic Warfare" and the title track from New Day
Rising; "Divide and Conquer" and "Keep Hanging On" from Flip
Yor Wig; "Hardly Getting Over It" from their Warner Bros.
debut, Candy Apple Grey; and a slew of selections from their
last studio release, Warehouse: Songs and Stories.  Other
highlights include two previously unrecorded originals, "Now
That You Know Me" (Hart) and "Ain't No Water In The Well"
(Mould), and the only cover, the Ramones' "Sheena Is A Punk
Rocker." Recording sites include Toronto, Montreal, New
Haven, Providence, New York, and Washington D.C.
     Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Bob Mould, drummer/
vocalist Grant Hart, and bassist/vocalist Greg Norton, Husker
Du were formed in Minneapolis, St. Paul, circa 1979. Widely
regarded as one of the best and most influential American
bands, Husker Du's records routinely resided near the top of
the college and alternative charts.  Album releases include:
Everything Falls Apart and More, a Rhino Records collection
of the band's earliest self releases (Reflex Records); five
albums for punk rock indie landmark SST Records (Land Speed
Record, Metal Circus, Zen Arcade, New Day Rising, and Flip
Your Wig); and two Warner Bros. albums, Candy Apple Grey and
Warehouse: Songs and Stories. In addition to sold out tours
of the U.S and Europe, promotion for Warehoues included TV
appearances on The Today Show and on Joan Rivers' short-lived
late night talk show (Fox).  The band broke up over creative
and personal differences in late 1987.
Since then, Bob Mould has released two solo albums on Virgin
Records (Workbook & Black Sheets of Rain) and now fronts his
new band, Sugar.  Sugar's Rykodisc debut album Copper Blue,
and the follow-up EP, Beaster, were among 1993's most notable
and successful alternative, independent releases.
Grant Hart released several well-received solo projects on
SST Records (2541, Intolerance and All of My Senses), before
forming his current band, Nova Mob. After releasing their
highly acclaimed debut album, The Last Days of Pompei, on the
now defunct Rough Trade Records (US), and a handful of
collector's singles since, Nova Mob have now signed with
Restless Records for North & South America and with Rough
Trade World Services (Germany) for Europe.  Their new album
is scheduled for a May release.
Greg Norton's burgeoning career as a big-time chef at Table
of Contents, an upscale St. Paul restaurant, is chronicled in
the current issue of Option magazine (March/April '94, "Where
Have All the Punkers Gone?").  Greg continues to write songs
and play bass in his new band, "Acoustic Tradgedies", formed
with guitarist/songwriter Cam Waters.  They will be hitting
the road at the end of April.  Look for and experience The
Living End on a radio or stereo near you soon.  Bon Apetite!!

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