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Hüsker Dü — New Day Rising

SST press release, Dec 1984:

SST press kit, Jan 1985:

SST press release, Mar 1985:

Text transcription of press kit (for searchability/quotability):

        SUBJECT: New HUSKER DU lp, "New Day Rising"
        CONTACT: Joe Carducci (213) 676.0110


   "Husker du", is a question and that question
is, "Do you remember?".

   HUSKER DU, the band, is:
                Bob Mould - guitar, vocals
              Greg Norton - bass
               Grant Hart - drums, vocals

   Bob and Grant are the songwriters in the band and
each sings his songs.

   Bob and Grant wrote up a load of songs last year
and Husker Du played them into microphones and called
the resulting double-album, "Zen Arcade".

   Other people--not related--called "Zen Arcade" the
best album of the year, and Husker Du the best band
of the year.

Now, these Minnesotans could've been content to cash
in and cash in big on accolades like that--you know how
potato-eaters are--but instead they went right back to
writing more songs and playing them into microphones
all over again.  This time the songs only added up to
one album, the new one--"NEW DAY RISING". But I'd
judge it more than enough songs (15), and these songs
are sure to keep the accolades coming, no prob.

   And HUSKER DU will soon enough be touring both
coasts and the interior so they can play their songs
directly into people's ears.  There's apparently a
demand for that.

   Remember:  "Husker du" is a question and that
question is, "Do you remember?".

        HUSKER DU  on  SST Records

      SST 020  Metal Circus  EP
      SST 025  Eight Miles High  45
      SST 027  Zen Arcade  2xLP
      SST 031  New Day Rising   LP

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