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Grant Hart — Intolerance

SST press kit, circa Dec 1989:

Text transcription of press kit release notice page (for searchability/quotability):

               GRANT HART


As drummer, vocalist and songwriter with Hüsker Dü, Grant Hart
infused emotional depth into their trademark wall of thrash.
Following the turbulent demise of this ground breaking group
in December, 1987, Grant was first to emerge from the Hüsker's
ashes with his release of last year's three song EP, "2541"
(SST 219).

INTOLERANCE is Grant's latest offering of evocative songs
sure to stir a wide realm of reactions.  Playing every instrument
on INTOLERANCE, Grant has created an album that defies description
and grabs hold of all of your senses.

Become a victim of Grant's INTOLERANCE.

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