Hüsker Dü Press Releases
Candy Apple Grey

Warner Bros press kit, Mar 1986

Text transcription (for searchability/quotability):

                                Bob Mould -- guitar
                                Greg Norton -- bass
                                Grant Hart -- drums

One of the most critically and popularly acclaimed new bands in recent memory is
a trio of musicians hailing from Minneapolis-St. Paul, known collectively as
Husker Du. The proper pronunciation of the band's name is "hoosker doo" and was
originally derived from the Scandinavian board game, which translated means "do
you remember."

The Huskers are yet another example of an "overnight sensation" that in actuality
was years in the making. The trio played their first gig back on March 30,
1979, and since then a hectic schedule has included twenty separate tours in the
last four years. Live performing is a vital part of their musical strategy.
They recently completed a twenty-six day road trip that put them on stages in
Great Britain, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, West Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and
France. A huge European critical success, they garnered favorable press in
Melody Maker, New Musical Express, Sounds and elsewhere.

Husker Du have been just as busy in the studio releasing such landmark new music
LP's as Flip Your Wig, New Day Rising, Zen Arcade, Metal Circus, Everything
Falls Apart and Land Speed Record. Additionally, Husker Du have released such
seven inch singles as "Makes No Sense At All," "Eight Miles High," "In A Free
Land" and "Statues." Previously released on small independent labels SST, New
Alliance, and their own Reflex Records, the group recently signed an exclusive
recording contract with Warner Bros. Records. With a sound that has often been
described as being "ultracore," a harsh hypersonic pop, Husker Du is a solid
critics' favorite with their records remaining near the top of college radio
playlists for months at a time. Self-produced and self-managed, Husker Du is
simply unwilling to answer and be responsible to others for their creative
directions.  The ability to shape both their sound and their destiny is a core
issue for Husker Du.

"We don't consider ourselves part of the rock 'n roll life style or any of the
surrounding fantasies," says Bob Mould. "We get up on stage and simply tell
our stories. It's communication on a basic level. It isn't the intention of
Husker Du to become one of the Greta Garbos of the music industry. We don't

And on the subject of Candy Apple Grey, their Warner Bros. debut, Bob will only
say, "People can certainly expect something old, something new, a little bit
borrowed, and a whole lot blue."

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