Trivia Contest


The contest is over, but if you've stumbled onto this page, perhaps you'd like to try your luck with the questions anyway, just for fun. The answers are here.


Identify by name the following personalities:
1. The fourth member of Hüsker Dü.
2. The engineer on the Makes No Sense At All 7".
3. The couple at whose engagement party the Huskers performed (23 Aug 1987)
Identify by name the personalities pictured:
4. Image for Question 4
5. Image for Question 5
6-10. (From left) Image for Questions 6-10
11. Image for Question 11
Identify the songs that once had the following working titles:
12. I'm Gone
13. 1-2-3-4
14. I Fucking Hate Alternative Rock And I Wish It Would Go Away
Who wrote the following songs?
15. Trade
16. MTC
17. Nuclear Nightmare
18. Signals From Above
19. Get Along With Me
20. Sad Song (Drowning)
21. Ghetto In The Sky
22. Let's Go Die
23. Everytime
24. I'm Not Interested
Identify specifically the sources of the following (non-lyric) quotes:
25. "Kids don't follow (Replacements stink)"
26. "Falling, Shirley--every time I square off against someone's god"
27. "Gidget Rabbit"
28. "Sam, you made the pantz two long (legs)... 'Cause, Shirley, you made the skirt too short!"
Identify the songs in which the following lyrics appear:
29. "Time for a lottery, they got your number/Blood for fuel, and limbs for lumber"
30. "One foot's in the quicksand/And the other one's in the cement/When next week's come and gone/You'll wonder where last week went"
31. "On a date with Sharon Tate/I'm gonna pick her up in my new crate"
32. "Getting on the bus now/Throw away your change/Don't forget your transfer/ Driver's acting strange"
33. "On a stormy night, you're sitting on the floor/Is it nothing any more?"
Miscellaneous questions:
34-35. On which two BSOR tracks does Bob play dulcimer?
36-37. On what (commercially released) song does Grant play piano? Bob?
38. What was the name of the restaurant in St. Paul where Greg worked for several years after the demise of Hüsker Dü?
39. What, according to the liner notes of its source, is the significance of this photo, taken in Lawrence KS in August 1987?
40. Who is the person singing in this picture?
41. Which person below was never a member Nova Mob?

42-44. Who were the members of Grey Area?
45. From what work is the term "Nova Mob" taken and who is the author?
46. In Dennis Cooper's novel Try, what is the name of the fanzine written by the Hüskerhead protagonist, Ziggy?
Identify the pictured Minneapolis landmarks:
47. Image for Question 47
48. Image for Question 48
49. Image for Question 49
50. Image for Question 50