Trivia Contest Answers

1. Charlie Pine (fired, legend has it, during the very first show)
2. Steve Fjelstad
3. Terry & Penny Katzman
4. Diane Edwards
5. Hüsker Dü game girl (original version)
6-10. William S. Burroughs, Greg Norton, John Giorno, Bob Mould, Grant Hart
11. Domino (Bob's & Kevin's Australian cattle dog)
12. Space Jazz
13. Come Around/Tilted/Judas Cradle/JC Auto (aka "Jesus Christ Cycle")
14. I Hate Alternative Rock
15. Bob Mould
16. Greg Norton
17. Grant Hart
18. Bob Mould
19. Grant Hart
20. Bob Mould
21. Grant Hart
22. Greg Norton
23. Greg Norton
24. Grant Hart
25. Runout inscription: In A Free Land, side A
26. Runout inscription: Zen Arcade, side 1
27. Runout inscription: Land Speed Record, side B (New Alliance only)
28. Runout inscription: Celebrated Summer/New Day Rising promo 7"
29. M.I.C.
30. Won't Change
31. Wheels
32. MTC
33. It's Not Peculiar
34-35. Black Sheets Of Rain, Out Of Your Life
36. Books About UFOs, No Promise Have I Made, plus a few on ZA
37. Schroeder (Ground Zero S/T album), plus some tracks on ZA
[The two piano questions above were ill considered, since their answers were not unique, and anyone who named any of the correct titles received full credit.]
38. Table of Contents
39. Last official photo of Hüsker Dü
40. Greg Norton
41. James Lindbloom
42-44. Greg Norton, Colin Mansfield, Jo Jones
45. WS Burroughs, Nova Express
46. I Apologize
47. Garage D'Or Records
48. Uptown Bar
49. City Center
50. First Avenue