Venue notes: Sweetbay Studios, Tallahassee FL

Sweetbay was a recording studio and performance space located at 1313 Jackson Bluff. It was opened in 1973 by Burt Norton, who owned a music equipment shop next door at 1317. Here's a more detailed account, from the Florida Memory site:

      Norton's store was Tallahassee's only music equipment store for a decade. In 1976,* after acquiring three adjoining stores, he opened Sweet Bay recording studios. For the next 10 years, Sweet Bay studios recorded dozens of local rock and country music groups. Among those who cut songs or albums at Sweet Bay were LaBamba/Flipside, Meisburg and Walters, Bill Wharton, Drew Reid, BB Jam, Dixie Drive, Rainbow Band, Tallahassee Band, McKenzie Brothers - and a teenage country singer from nearby Quincy, Billy Dean, who went on to national fame. In the early 1980s, Norton turned a portion of the store into a nightclub, which attracted local artists and occasional national performers, such as former Box Tops singer Alex Chilton. In 1986, amid growing competition from other music stores, Norton closed the store and took a job with the state. Norton died in January 1995 at age 52.

* Kenny Lee Norton, Burt's younger brother, who worked at both Norton Music and Sweetbay Studios, provides the following correction in 2023: "Sweetbay Studios was actually opened near the end of 1973." He confirms that his brother "passed from this earth on 19 January 1995."

Alex Weiss, who promoted the 03 Jun 1985 Hüsker Dü show at Sweetbay Studios, writes in 2014:

      Sandwich Inn was a tiny sub shop (where Mike's Pizza is in the photo). The owner of that place also owned a recording studio next door that had two studios. Studio A was a small traditional recording room. Studio B was set up to do live recordings. The entrance to Studio B was where the entrance to the bike shop is in the photo. It was a great sounding room. I did a quite few shows there that summer and fall. Black Flag was going to record what eventually became Who's Got The 10 1/2 there. Unfortunately the owner had to close the studio in the fall of that year and they ended up recording elsewhere.

That day was incredibly hot. The bank sign down the street was showing the temperature at 104 degrees around 5pm that afternoon.

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