Sweetbay Studios, Tallahassee FL

Music store later expanded to Sweetbay Studios, Tallahassee FL
Photo: Burt Norton
Image source: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory

Site of the former Sweetbay Studios, Tallahassee FL
Photo: Robert J. Hoffmann
Image source: Trying to Die a Bored Man blog

Site of the former Sweetbay Studios, Tallahassee FL
Image source: Google maps

Sweetbay Studios, 1313 Jackson Bluff Road, was an adjunct to the music equipment store shown at top left. That photo is dated to 1969-70, prior to the 1976 addition of the recording studio. The music store address, as can be seen, was 1317 Jackson Bluff. At the time the Google streetview image was captured in May 2013, the 1313 location was a pizza shop and 1317 a bike shop. The other bike shop photo apparently dates to 2014. Hüsker Dü played at Sweetbay Studio B (at that time a public performance space) on 03 Jun 1985. Note: street numbers have shifted over the years, and, as can be seen in the photos, entrances have mysteriously moved, disappeared, and reappeared. In any case, the entrance to Studio B in the 80s was where the bike shop is in the later photos.

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