Venue notes: OZ, Chicago

Sumant Ranji writes: "According to the Effigies web site, this was 'the first Chicago club to book punk bands.' The legendary Chicago punk compilation Busted At OZ was recorded there March 9-11, 1981 -- just two weeks before the Husker gig. [...] There may have been two locations. The one pictured is in the 3700 block of Broadway in the Wrigleyville neighborhood-- this building [became] a bowling alley [but as of Dec 2000] the only building on the block is a health club; the rest has become a parking lot. A gig flyer reproduced in one of the Naked Raygun reissue CDs has the location as 'Hubbard between Clark and LaSalle,' which is in the Loop (downtown Chicago). This was for a show on 12/31/80, so perhaps the club moved between those dates."

Writing in May 2004, OZ owner Dem Hopkins notes that the club actually occupied three different sites during its lifetime, and confirms that the Hüsker date (the storied "Blue Paint" show) occurred at the 3714 N. Broadway location, which was the last of the three.

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