Venue notes: Duff's Downtown, Minneapolis

Not to be confused with the better-known Duffy's at 26th & 26th, Duff's was a Minneapolis bar that was around at least as far back as the 60s, originally located at 21 South 8th Street. Owner was Joe Duffy, Sr. It was apparently a popular hangout for sports figures and not known as a music venue.

According to this page, "Owner Joe Duffy retired in 1977 to become the general manager of the Olympic Hills Golf Club and the club was bought by Bob McNamara. The building burned down on Christmas Eve 1977."

The same webpage goes on to assert, somewhat tentatively, that the bar relocated to 9th and Marquette, but this is incorrect. Ticket stub images list the address as 829 Hennepin Ave (9th & Hennepin), corroborated by numerous eyewitness accounts. It was at the Hennepin location that live musical acts occasionally appeared, most famously Roger McGuinn in 1984. The exact date of Duff's demise is uncertain, but it did not survive the 80s. The building at 9th & Hennepin that once was its home has been demolished and replaced by the LaSalle Plaza complex (completed 1991). As of 2014 the corner site was occupied by Rock Bottom Brewery.

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