Venue notes: Duffy's, Minneapolis

Defunct (early 80s) punk club. Writing in Aug 2001, a correspondent who prefers to remain anonymous reminisces:

"This was a great club at the corner of 26th St & 26th Ave S in Minneapolis. It booked a wide variety of bands, including the Circle Jerks as well as local bands. I saw Sun Ra there in 1982, and Black Uhuru, too. It had an outdoor volleyball court and basketball hoops and decks with outdoor seating. The stage was inside though, under a domed ceiling. The main entrance and bar were on the lefthand side of the building as you walked in, and then you went past the bar and entered the seating area to the right or went further back to the outdoor courtyard. It was a cool place, but was turned into a new wave/disco club in 1983 or 84 called Norma Jeans. (Marilyn Monroe decor.) And then only booked occasional live bands that weren't as good, like the Phones."

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