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White Noise, 1983

This interview appeared in White Noise, a sloppily assembled Madison fanzine (very punk), sometime in late 1982 or early 1983. It was reported to have been included in the LSR "press package," which would point to the earlier publication date, but the piece makes mention of an "EP coming out soon," a presumed reference to Metal Circus, which was not even recorded until Dec 1982, so I'm going with the later date.


EEYOW!! Hüsker Dü! Holy-shit-face-rip-toe-grip-neck-break speed-bleeding-faster-faster-hard-core band from Minny-apple-less.
Bob, Greg and Grant of Hüsker Dü have been together three years and have evolved from a local garage punk band in the Twin Cities to a breaking national hard-core group. Hüsker Dü has never compromised its style to be more accessible and popular. In fact, they've gotten even faster and louder and more hard-core so now their shows are even more exciting and, of course, fucking exhausting.
WN "What makes you guys think you're gonna go national?"
Bob "Because we're working our asses off. We've been at it for three years...I've seen bands who sit on their asses do it. And we've been through a lot and we're working our asses off."
***One of the best things about Hüsker Dü is that they are relying solely on their playing ability in their shows and records to gain popularity...unlike so many of the fast breaking bands that need some sort of gimmick to get noticed, be it horror lyrics and face paint, trendsetting hair styles, drug use publicity, being somebody-famous' brother, or whatever. There is no novelty that wears off after a bunch of copy-cat bands jump on the new trend and water it down.
        Hüsker Dü is hard-working, hard-playing, hard-core and there's not a minute of rest from the second the amps go on until the last squeal of feedback is shut off. There's not even time to clap, just thrash!!
WN: What do you think of Madison's scene? Sometimes it seems like there really isn't one, like tonight, only 90 people showed.
Bob: I thought tonight was great, because even though a smaller crowd showed up, everybody had a lot of fun. The scene is doing extremely well as far as I'm concerned. There's a lot of good bands in the Midwest.
WN: Yeah, there are a lot of good bands but they got to have some places to play.
Bob: People gotta start making contacts in other cities. Minneapolis, Madison and Milwaukee are kind of isolated, but there's good bands in each city...so what are we all doing?
WN: Are the crowds pretty much the same, or do they change depending on where you are on the Midwest? Is there a definite Midwest-type of crowd or does it change regionally?
Bob: Madison's more "West Coast" than Minneapolis. Minneapolis is more Midwestern.
WN: Are the Minneapolis crowds like Milwaukee, where people just flail around on the dance floor?
Bob: Well, it's not ike Madison—there's no diving off the stage, or full gainers, flips and all that shit like tonight. You just don't see that in Minneapolis. People will just, like, push each other.
WN: You toured out to the West Coast, didn't you? Did you play L.A.?
Bob: We never got to L.A., unfortunately.
WN: Who'd you guys get to play with when you were out on the Coast?
All: Let's see, we played with the Subhumans, D.O.A., DKs, the Lewd...the Lewwwwd, ha ha.
WN: What are the Lewd like? I read an interview with 'em but I couldn't tell what the hell they sounded like by the interview.
Bob: They're L.A.-garde...1977 and that sort of style.
Greg: Like, "Let's see how much leather and stuff we can wear."
WN: I heard they're a bondage band or something like that, where the lady that plays the guitar beats up the singer every time he gets it wrong or something stupid like that.
Bob: There's a lot of stuff like that in music that has to do with fashion, like "kill, kill, kill!" or "drink, drink, drink!" or "be a junkie, be a junkie."
Bucky (who was hanging around too): Isn't it depressing?
Bob: I guess it's just...
Bucky: I guess it's just what the world needs to keep itself going day by day.
Bob: Is what?
Bucky: Is drugs.
WN: And good advice like that, huh?
Bob: Well, when people won't wear short sleeves outside for fear of being a human pincushion...
Bucky: And the whole scene of "die, die, die" and "kill, kill, kill" is just depressing, you know?
Bob: If it was just "fight, fight, fight" it wouldn't be so bad—but instead there are preachers...
Bucky: The whole idea of punk as a fashion, too...there are these total faggots, total faggots that...I hate fashion.
Bob: Even in hard-core there are people concened with the latest fashion...they wanna keep up with the latest look or the latest 1-2 beat. Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb.
     All it is, is that most bands like the Bloody Mattresses were, or like Die Kreuzen are...are just saying, "fucking use your head," you know? I don't need somebody telling me not to smoke pot. I don't smoke pot and I don't need somebody telling me not to smoke pot and I don't really care for the shit—but I don't want anybody telling me not to so anything! Everybody seems to be doing it. Everybody seems to be preaching.

That's NOT what we do. I don't want to make decisions for other people. I have enough trouble making decisions for myself.
I can express my ideas and maybe influence people...maybe the band can, through our music.

FUTURE PLANS..................................
Bob: This summer we are planning on touring extensively, hopefully going back in the same direction as last the tour and this time we will go all the way down the coast.

Bob: New Alliance took a gamble with us and everything is going better than either of us expected--the gamble paid off. So like if IRS turns around this week and says, "We want you on our label," or Alternative Tentacles comes by and says, "We'll do up 3000 copies in England"—we wouldn't do it!
We're real dedicated to New Alliance. They put their trust in us when we needed help to put the record out. So we're not gonna jump ship. You don't shit on people who help you...they're great guys.
Greg: They signed us sight-unseen. They just heard the tape; they didn't care what the artwork was or anything...they just said, "We'll do it!"
WN: I really like the cover...it's great! Who did the cover?
Grant: I did.
WN: I think it's one of the best covers I've seen. It's really attention getting.

Grant: See, here's a bunch of kids waving flags with 48 stars and they're shipped home in coffins covered with 50 stars. The coffins (on the cover) are the first eight servicemen killed in action in Viet Nam.
Bob: We've gone along with the idea of not using color, too. The first thing is, it's cheap, and nothing's like B+W 'cause that's how people are with us. They either love us or they hate us. I've never heard anybody say, "Yeah, they're okay."
HUSKER DU VINYL:           2 singles, a live album, a song on Charred Remains tape, and an EP coming out soon.

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