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White Noise (?), 1982

Here's a review of a Madison show (most likely date, based on the U2 reference, is 22 Feb 1982) that appeared in an unknown fanzine--probably White Noise. It was reproduced in the LSR press kit without any explicit identifying info.

HUSKER DU   with The REPLACEMENTS   at Merlyns

      This was Husker Du's first time in Madison since last summer and it was their
first time playing at Merlyn's.  Serge (of Merlyn's) hadn't hired a real hard-core
band since...well, since Minor Threat and Youth Brigade played here last summer and
he said he was interested in getting more H-C shows if enough people came to support
it and everything went okay.  Unfortunately, this show was the same night as (gag!)
U2 played in another club in town so alot of the people who would've showed up to
watch all the hardcores go nuts at Merlyns decided to go to the other show.  I mean,
none of us really gave a fuck about those sorts of Nu Wayve gravers....but it would
have been good if they could've come to see this show out of curiousity and it would
have been great if they ventured out on the dance floor and that sort of thing.  Also,
if more people had filled up the place, Serge would've been happier about the turn
out for his first Hardcore show of '82.
      ANYWAY--both bands played 2 sets and alot of people got in that night that hadn't
been let into the club for a long time so everybody was hyped up for the show.  There
was alot of tension in the audience and nobody really xxxxxx went out onto the floor
during the first two sets. BUT as soon as Husker Du came out for their second set--
everyone exploded! The place went NUTS during Husker Du and Husker Du went nuts in
return.  Backflips and dives off the stage...kids in Jr. High who's mom brought 'em
were out there bashing...guys AND girls all over the place.  And if they weren't out
on the floor they were up next to the stage soaking it up and rebounding bodies!  To
top it off, alot of the gravers at U2 came by Merlyns while the action was happening
and locked in, their mouths hung down to the ground !  "Oh my god! They're killing
each other out there!" No we aren't, you xx lamebrain, we're just waiting for you to
come out here..and then we start killing!

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