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Terminally Stupid #4, Spring 1985

This review of the 23 Feb 1985 live show at Seattle's Omni Room appeared in issue #4 of the Vancouver zine Terminally Stupid.

 -Feb.23, Omni Room, Seattle
  So glad to be in the land of the
free again.  A new venue has opened
up in Seattle, the Rock Theatre.
This hall has 2 concert rooms under
one roof.  The two rooms are the
Gorilla Gardens and the Omni Room.
Each room holds 500 mutants.
HÜSKER in one room and local
Seattle metal band SATO in the other.
other.  Peeked into the SATO show
for a minute, spandex city and
nicely feathered hair.  Edmonton
band WHITE WOLF, the headliner,
cancelled, so Seattle metal-heads
were left with a lame RATT clone
band.  Enough about this metal shit.
  First up on the bill were the
FURS guitar riffs, but too much
feed back.  Good band, I hope they
come up to Vancouver sometime.
LIMP RICHARDS were the shits, I
hope they never come up here,
worse than the BLUDGEONED PIGS.
What I came to see, HÜSKER DU,
from Minnesota, were hot.  Rip-
ping guitar licks from Bob Mould's
flying V and great vocal harmonies
from Mould and drummer Grant Hart.
Lots of slam dancing & stagedives
and no fighting, it was great.
HÜSKER played about 15 tunes, mostly
stuff from "Zen Arcade".  After 2
encores Mould and the boys ripped
into an encore of "Twist & Shout"
and a rocking version of the
great band.  They are coming to
Vancouver late next summer.
  Also saw a punk band called
VIVISECTION in an old store.  A
standard thrash band inthe small
hours of the Seattle nightlife.
Didn't see anyone from Vancouver
at the HÜSKER DU gig.  A cool
concert, back-up bands could
have been better......
                      ED BANGER

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