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Suburban Punk #8, 1984 Hüsker gig review

Suburban Punk #8 featured, along with the Bob Mould interview and the Metal Circus review this review of the Hüsker Dü show at the Channel in Boston in Dec 1984. Review is uncredited, which means, by default, that it was written by publisher Al Quint.

     Do they know the difference between stage-diving and slam-dancing at
this club?  Not at first, since 2 people got thrown out for no real reason
(just light slamming), not exactly beneficial to their reputation.  If they're
going to do punk shows, they should know that people aren't going to stand
still.  Both bands were great.  The Minutemen tore through like 25 songs in
their set.  This trio's jazz influences show through and their thrashing mix-
ture of hyperkinetic funky-jazz-hardcore-whatever is brilliant.  All 3 mem-
bers are great musically and they really surprised me.
     Husker Du played a ferocious set that had them playing lots of new ma-
terial from an upcoming album,* while only doing 3 from "Metal Circus."  They
sounded a lot better than at their Maverick's show and this band is a walking
endurance test, rarely stopping between songs.  Both of these bands are ob-
viously influenced by (and have influenced) hardcore, but they transcend those
boundaries and each band has struck out on a constantly expanding path.

* Zen Arcade

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