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Sounds, Mar 1986

Review of Candy Apple Grey. [Transcribed by Zvia Admon.]

by Ralph Traitor
'Candy Apple Grey' is Hüsker Dü's fourth consecutive classic and their first album for a major label. Since 1982, this image-free Milwaukee [sic] trio of quick-witted hardcore evolutionists has continually disproved most [of] the preconceptions about '80s rock, latterly releasing their seminal quartet: 'Zen Arcade,' 'New Day Rising,' 'Flip Your Wig' and this.

While most American punk and hardcore stalled at the gates of accessibility, the prodigal Hüskers stormed through bullishly. Honing their skills ferociously and jealously guarding their artistic integrity in a display rare since the '80 icons peaked, Hüsker Dü reached their 'Revolver' period in record time.

'Candy Apple Grey' represents a watershed for American rock in that it negates popular wisdom about America's music industry and consumer care, bending no rules but its own en route to mass success. Many lesser lights are turning green or going out trying to emulate them, but Hüsker's sound is unique, an organic punk pop blend. The songs, with their sagacious lyrical observations and myriad melodic triggers, promise universal appeal and an implicit quality that betrays the mediocrity of their contmeporaries.

Remarkably, with a further two albums' worth awaiting release, Hüsker Dü have only just started. The story could stretch into the '90s for these boys.

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