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Op, 1982

The source of this Land Speed Record review is listed in the LSR press package as the Op "K" issue, whatever that means (the issue that came after the "J" issue, perhaps?). Date on the zine, in any case, is May-June 1982. Its home city was Olympia WA. There are two indecipherable words in my photocopy of this piece; I took guesses.

Hüsker Dü: Land Speed Record (New Alliance Records, PO Box 21, San Pedro CA 90733). Hardcore punk record. Very accurate documentation of what Hüsker Dü do live. I know because I saw them on their West Coast tour. There is no [pausing] between tracks. Each side is an [actual] live set. Most songs are protest in nature (anti-draft, anti-war, anti-nazi-punk). I'm torn between commending their politics and cursing their conformity. Hardcore is an idiom/cliche/commodity. Hüsker Dü crank it out very easily. Still, it's head and shoulders above 99% of anything you can get on the radio. This is not a backhanded compliment!
— Lefty Glasgow

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