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Odd Cravings #3, Oct 1982 LSR review

A guy who called himself "Bri Bing" was the publisher and editor of this atypically clean-looking Eugene OR punkzine. Issue #3 featured this review of Land Speed Record, author uncredited.

 HÜSKER DÜ ---Land Speed Record

     Hüsker Dü are a trio from Minneapolis, with the usual instru-
ments and all three singing lead.  On this E.P.they play 17 crushing
hardcore anthems in a row, live, and without stopping between songs.
     Bob Mould displays some pretty tricky guitar action throughout
the record, and many of the numbers have really cool 3-part vocals.
The sound of the live recording isn't that great, but it's worth it to
hear such energetic playing.
     Hüsker Dü's songwriting is really good, every number a heavy-metal
indictment of society and culture, often hilarious and horrible at the
same time.  Their politics are clear and "correct" but the band's
explosive performance on this 12"- 33, is never preachy nor pretentious.
     I won't list song titles, since every track is inventive, exciting
speedrock, and the entire E.P. deserves to be heard.  Bitchen' cover
and lyric sheet as well.
     Available from New Alliance Records, P.O.Box 21, San Pedro, CA.

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