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Noise #7, 1981

Noise (Xenia OH) #7 offered the review of the Statues/Amusement single reproduced below.

HUSKER DU.  Amusement b/w Statues.  Reflex
I found this much looked-for single down at Another Record Shop
in Cincinnati (along with Kirk Brandon's Pack E.P. and
the Avengers Dangerhouse single.  Great store!).  This single
was recorded way back in 1980 before Husker Du "went hard-
core" and is very raw progressive rock, in the same vein as
hmm... letsee... maybe Clock DVA or Birthday Party, although
they sound nothing like either of those bands.  Anyways, this
is a good single, if not a collectors item and is avail-
able from REFLEX RECORDS, POB 4596, St. Paul MN 55104.
Husker Du is a three piece Minneapolis band consisting of
Bob Mould-gtr, vocals; Greg Norton-bass, vocals and Greg
Hart-drums, vocals and may be considered the Meat Puppets
of the midwest.  They play punk as fast and furious as any
band and are getting ready to release a live album called
"Land Speed Record," which was recorded at the end of their
"Children's Crusade" '81 on New Alliance Records.  It's going
to have 17 songs, running about 25 minutes.  Spot and Mike
Watt (of the Minutemen) are going to cut the master plates
and it should be out by Christmas.  Cuts include "All Tensed
Up," "Guns At My School," "Ultracore" and "Let's Go Die."
HUSKER DU, 731 Pontiac Pl., Mendota Heights MN 55120
NEW ALLIANCE, P.O. Box 21, San Pedro CA 90733

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