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Flipside #34, 1982 Hüsker gig review

Flipside #34 included, in addition to the two-page Hüsker spread, a review of a live performance at the International Blend Coffeehouse in San Diego. The show took place 09 Jul 1982, during Hüsker Dü's second West Coast tour, and featured bands that are now punk legends.

Minor Threat, Battalion of Saints, Husker DU, Men of Clay- International Blend, San Diego 7/9 by Andy Nystrom.
  This particular excursion down to SD proved to be a worthwhile one as all bands scheduled lived up to their potential and played great sets. Locals, Men of Clay opened w/a very unique sound in that they add electronics to their already hardcore tone- they seemed to be having an outrageous time and went over real well to the gathering crowd. Husker Du was up next and they thrashed thru their songs non-stop keeping everyones attention from start to finish- lots could probably happen with them and did as they left everything in sight shaken. Local boys Battalion of Saints made a rare appearance next- these guys are one of the best bands around right now and they prove it both live and on vinyl- and tonight was ceratinly no different as they put on a dynamic performance highlited by the magical guitaristry of Chris Smith. Capping off the show was Minor Threat who virtually destroyed sending everyone into a frenzy everyone had an excellent time shouting and thrashing about during M.T.s set creating an energy level that could have carried it on for hours. Thanks to David of 5051 for the tour and food.

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