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Express, 1982

There are, and have been over the years, several "Express" magazines. It's not clear which one this is, although it appears to have been a US publication. This concise review of Land Speed Record is from the April 1982 issue.

Hüsker Dü, Land Speed Record (New Alliance Records)
      Minneapolis punk trio Hüsker Dü have no pretensions about composing modern day ballads, but Land Speed Record finds them none the worse for it. This live recording features 17 songs, most under two minutes in length, which are guaranteed to satisfy even the hard-core punk.
      The lyrics, when they can be untangled from the constant wall of pulsating energy the instrumentation provides, offer an angry challenge to an apathetic slide toward destruction. It's all guitarist Bob Mould can do to keep up with the merciless, propelling drive provided by drummer Grant Hart and bassist Greg Norton, but he comes through with a sharp and nerve-abrading performance.
Michael O'Loughlin


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