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Entertainment Weekly #221 The Living End Review, 06 May 1994

Album reviews in EW may lack depth, but at least they're timely. Reviewer Tom Sinclair must've liked the newly-released The Living End, judging by the rating he gave it in this issue, but two column-inches doesn't afford much space to elaborate on the reasons. Nice photo though (credit: Claudia Thompson/Retna).

I've taken liberties with the format, eliminating reviews of albums by the Allman Brothers, Otis Rush, Mekons et al.

HÜSKER DÜDES: A never-released live album from Greg Norton, Bob Mould and Grant Hart (from left).
HÜSKER DÜ The Living End (Warner Bros.) Recorded on the road during the seminal Minneapolis trio's final tour in 1987-88, The Living End offers 77 raging minutes of Hüsker Dü doing what it did best: melding emotionally charged hardcore to ringing pop hooks. The roots of most of today's Nirvana-bes can be found right
here. If more of those baby bands made music as galvanizing as the Hüskers used to do, all would be well in alternative land.  A-
Tom Sinclair

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