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Desperate Times, 1981

This review of the 11 Jul 1981 WREX show appeared in the Seattle zine Desperate Times. Transcribed from a photocopy included in the Statues press kit, it offers still another different date for the band's inception.

Wow. I had heard that this was a great band, but of course that can never prepare one when the band is this great. They are the kind of band that makes you move, and when you see people sitting down you want to kick them in the ass and wake them up. Founded in May, 1979, this Minneapolis band consists of Bob Mould on guitar, Greg Norton on bass, and Greg [oops!] Hart on drums, with all three sharing vocals.

Although they did a few slower numbers, most of their music is loud and fast--and powerful. Even the slower songs, including the two on their single from last year, have lots of guts, proving that pop songs don't have to be wimpy.

There's nothing wimpy about Hüsker Dü. They come on with such force and energy, energy that builds with each song, that I felt as though the bar would explode at any moment. Their stage presence is infectious, because they move, the sweat raining from them, and only idiots would want to sit down during their sets. Bob Mould rarely stood still; he would edge to the front of the stage and grimace with emotion, then suddenly jump and crash into the wall. Greg Norton became more and more active, and at the end of the second set he was never still, always
jumping into the air, doing a cool war-dance, jerking his body all over. Grant Hart was furious as he pounded his drums, getting these great looks on his face. His vocals were the most impressive to me, at times sung in a clear voice, at times growled and spat out, dripping with feeling.

These three men keep the music coming without breaking between songs. I've seldom seen such energy in a band. I loved it when Greg and Bob jumped into the air at the same time, and after the set Grant pushed the drums out of his way and stalked off stage. After the set, the audience was smiling, their eyes were wide, and they were soaking with sweat and spilt beer.

The single sells for $1.25, which is very cool indeed. Of the two songs, "Statues" is my favorite, a great song that always gets me moving. If you cannot find it in a local shop or bar, send for it at Reflex Records, P.O. Box 4596, St Paul, Minnesota 55104*. Hopefully it won't be too long before we are treated with a live album. Wow!

*Needless to say, readers should not bother writing to this address. Grant closed down the PO Box several
years ago, and $1.25 today would get you about a 2% share of the single.

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