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Discords, 1981

The ubiquitous Terry Katzman, pal of Hüsker Dü and partner in Reflex, still lives in Minneapolis, where his former record store, Garage D'Or, lives on as a label and mail-order operation. The excerpt below was snipped from a column he wrote for the September 1981 issue of Discords.

Discords    •    September '81

Twin City Tones

By Terry Katzman

     As summer draws to a close, area bands on tour have returned to their spawning ground. The Hypstrz returned from an extremely successful West Coast tour playing dates with other Bomp/Vox labelmates Vertabrats and Nikki and the Korvettes. Hüsker Dü is back after almost two months on the road to play a homecoming date at 7th St., August 15th. As the tapes rolled for a projected live 12-inch the Hüskers blasted through two thirty-minute sets. It's hard to believe but the only Mpls hardcore band have gotten even faster during their stay away. New songs penned on the road include "Guns At My School," "You're Naive," and "Ultracore."
     Also in the arena of live recording comes the biggest news in a while. On September 1st-5th 7th St. will be recording an extensive live album. In all fifteen bands will be showcased three each night. Among the participants: Replacements, REMS, Hüsker Dü, Neglectors, L7-3 and the Warheads. The five nights will be captured live via 24-track mobile unit with a variety of producers and sound technicians involved. The talk of the moment is that the resulting LP will be a triple or possibly quadruple set depending on the quality and execution of the recorded material. More on the outcome of that in the next issue.*

*No commercial release was ever forthcoming from these live sessions,
and legend has it that the tapes still reside in the Twin/Tone vault. The
five nights were captured by a professional video crew as well; some of
those tapes have been leaked, and have been making the rounds among
traders since the early 90s.

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