Coolest Retard #20, May-Jun 1982

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Coolest Retard #20, May-Jun 1982

Staffer Diane Dittrich didn't seem to know quite what to make of Hüsker Dü in the Land Speed Record review she contributed to this issue of Chicago zine Coolest Retard. The fine folks at the Chicago Punk Pix site have scanned in the entire magazine and posted it here [N.b.: Link not active as of Feb 2009].

HUSKER DU- Land Speed Record (New Alliance Records)

     My head is still spinning. My ears are still
ringing. This record is great! It's great in its'
absurdity. It is so noisy and so fast that it's
more than hardcore-- it's "ultracore" (the name of
one of their songs). A lyric sheet is enclosed for
those of you who can't make out the  vocals, but
believe me, the lyric sheet shows us just how fast
they really are. By the time you figure out where
they are, they're on to the next song. Almost no
breaks in between songs. The album is recorded live
but you don't hear much of the audience. Their
lyrics deal with the same issues as most other hard-
core bands, mostly governmental with some being
about romance and girls. When it is bout girls, it's
against them telling them "Don't try to call",
"Don't have a life/That I wanna live with you/There's
a thousand things I rather do" and "I'm not inter-
ested/In what she's got to say", whether they're
screaming about guns or girls it's still FAST,
"data control" is the best song here, being slight-
ly slower than the rest. I don't take Husker Du
seriously, in fact I find them to be quite humorous.
I do not mean that to be a negative statement either.
     Husker Du! Whether you find them to be humorous
or serious, you sure will!---di

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