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Counter Attack #2 Kitten Review, 1983

This short review of the Kitten cassette compilation on Reflex was published in the same issue of Counter Attack as this interview with Bob. Reviewer "db" is Dave Brookman, who co-edited the magazine along with Steve Lukshides.

Kitten - Comp. Cassette LP
Reflex - 731 Pontiac Place Mendota Height, MN 55120

     A limited edition (500) recording of 2 hectic
nights of Minneapolis's hottest bands, aProduced by Bob
of Husker Du, Recorded at Goofy's on Oct. 8 and 9, Kitten
unleashes:  Loud Fast Rules, Propaganda, Exmo-6-Desmo,
Todlachen, Rifle Sport - and that's just side one.  While
I can't really review all ten of the bands here, I can
say that it's pretty much all thrashable with a local
feel (not a putdown!).  If you like supporting local
scenes, and don't mind tapes too much - snap it up!

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