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Boston Rock #28, 1982

For nearly two decades, until it fizzled in the mid-90s, Boston Rock was arguably Boston's most prominent freebie music publication, even getting national distribution (though it was not free outside Massachusetts) in its final years. The paper always boasted a staff of capable writers, and though this capsule review of Land Speed Record is not particularly distinguished, it might be interesting to know who contributed it.

So you don't want to get mellow? Listen to Hüsker Dü set their Land Speed Record (New Alliance Records). These guys mean it. We're talking really fast hardcore thrash. Some of this stuff rampages through fairly rough changes, no less. Judging from the breakneck clip it all goes at, I would have to say that the Hüskers have a real athletic bent. The concerts have got to be, um, stimulating to say the least.

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