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Boston Globe Intolerance review, 1990

The following review of Grant Hart's solo album Intolerance was published in The Boston Globe's Thursday "Calendar" section (weekly entertainment and recreation guide), 11 Jan 1990.

    After taking a short breather follow-
ing the demise of his band Husker Du,
songwriter Grant Hart has assembled a
quirky package of irresistible material.
This is solo recording in the truest
sense with Hart on guitar, psychedelic
keyboards and a few stray construction
tools.  The songs are passionate and
hooky at once.  "All of My Senses"
celebrates icicles, old paint and side-
walks before ending in a giddy round of
applause.  "25-41" is another stealer,
about the sunny address of a broken
relationship.  He falters on the keyboard
instrumental "Roller Rink" which
plods, but mostly he's right on the
mark.  Hart takes chances experiment-
ing with a number of musical styles,
from a folky singalong "The Main" to a
beautifully haunting "You're the Vic-
tim," where he substitutes a whistle
for a lead guitar solo.      Beth Fertig

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