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Tee shirts

Below are some of the Hüsker-related t-shirts that have been around over the years. The list includes official merchandise, promo items, unlicensed/counterfeit shirts, and a few noteworthy homemade products, but is by no means exhaustive. A large and growing selection of Hüsker Dü tee shirts (and other items) can now be purchased at the official Hüsker Dü merchandise site, launched in 2015.

  Goofy's Upper Deck (official)   Land Speed Record (official)
  Land Speed Record (counterfeit)   Everything Falls Apart (fan)
  Everything Falls Apart (counterfeit?/red)   Everything Falls Apart (counterfeit 2002)
  Everything Falls Apart (counterfeit 2004)   Everything Falls Apart (counterfeit?/long sleeve)
  Everything Falls Apart (counterfeit?/blue)   Metal Circus (tour)
  Metal Circus #1   Metal Circus #2
  Metal Circus #3   Metal Circus (official)
  Black Metal Circus   Eight Miles High
  Zen Arcade (tour)   Zen Arcade (SST?)
  Zen Arcade (fan)   Hüsker Dü (fan/homemade 1984)
  Logo tie-dye   SST "Family"
  SST New Day Rising (official)   New Day Rising (official)
  New Day Rising (fan)   New Day Rising (black)
  New Day Rising (orange)   Portland 1985 gig
  Generic non-tour (official)   Flip Your Wig (tour)
  Flip Your Wig (tour/yellow)   Candy Apple Grey (official)
  Candy Apple Grey (counterfeit)   Candy Apple Grey? (counterfeit?/blue background)
  Candy Apple Grey? (counterfeit?/green background)   Warehouse (tour)
  Car Poster (counterfeit?)   West Hartford Warehouse show (limited promo)
  Lynndale's Burning (fan)   Hüsker Dü (fan/woodcut)
  Generic Black (counterfeit)   Workbook #1 (tour)
  Workbook #2 (tour)   Workbook #3 (tour)
  Intolerance (official)   All Of My Senses (official)
  Black Sheets #1 (tour)   Black Sheets #2 (tour)
  Last Days Of Pompeii (Euro tour)   Copper Blue #1 (tour)
  Copper Blue #2 (tour)   Copper Blue sweat (tour)
  Shoot (Euro tour)   Beaster (tour)
  Beaster (alternate)   Beaster (counterfeit?/long sleeve)
  No Alternative (official)   REV105 Nova Mob (limited promo)
  Generic Nova Mob (Euro tour)   Nova Mob "Universe" (Euro tour)
  FU:EL (UK tour counterfeit)   FU:EL (UK tour)
  FU:EL (NA East tour)   FU:EL (NA West tour)
  Nova Mob   Last Dog And Pony Show (UK tour counterfeit)
  Sugar List (fan)   GranaryMusic.com (limited promo)
  Modulate (Carnival Of Light And Sound tour)   For The Youngsters (homemade)
  Hebrew Dü (homemade)   1983 Friedman photos (counterfeit)
  Body Of Song tour   Eight Miles High (counterfeit?)
  Generic sleeveless (Australia counterfeit)   District Line tour gray "towers"
  District Line tour black album artwork   Generic hoodie sweatshirt (counterfeit)

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