Hart-Bremser-Plymell postcard

Grant in Cherry Valley NY
© 1998 Water Row Books
Used by permission of Water Row Books

In the words of the eBay seller, Water Row Publishing, early in 2000:
Back in August of 1998, the little town of Cherry Valley, New York was the scene for the first Beat and Bohemian Poetry Festival - A fantastic gathering of poets, writers, musicians, and old Beat folks who met for this great reunion - some of the activities took place at the farm that belonged to Allen Ginsberg. On the farm in front of the old cabin's porch, Betsy Kirschbaum captured the essence of the historical significance of this festival event and that photograph is emblazoned forever on this great new photo full-color postcard. Sitting down and wearing someone else's army jacket is the poet's poet - Ray Bremser - who Bob Dylan once wrote was a great inspiration to him and the greatest jazz poet who ever lived. Ray died a few months after this photo was taken. He read frequently in Greenwich Village in the 1950s among Jack and others. Many photos of him during that time appear in McDarrah's photo book, Greenwich Village. Next to Ray stands Charles Plymell - the poet laureate of Cherry Valley - a soon-to-be recognized talent who is responsible for printing the first ZAP comic for R. Crumb back in the 1960s in San Francisco. Charley went on to develop his poetic and prose skills - one of his best books is the novel, Last of the Moccasins (available from Water Row). Charley's latest book, Hand on the Doorknob (A Plymell Reader) will be published by Water Row in a few months. And lastly (not least) on the postcard is Grant Hart - Husker Du founder and guitarist extraordinaire...
(Thanks to Water Row Books.)

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