On The Road With Bob Mould, April 1997

I love the southeastern US, and I love it most in the spring when the weather is most apt to be spectacular, especially compared to Massachusetts, where our roadsides are still likely to be decorated with the vestiges of soot-colored snowbanks at that time of year. So when Bob Mould scheduled a few dates in Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas in April of 1997, mostly in cities I'd never visited, a familiar little voice whispered to me the only two words it seems to know: "Road Trip."

So I packed up my recording gear, the cheesy camera I bought for the Kustomized tour, lots of socks, underwear, t-shirts, maps, and motor oil, and pointed the trusty Camry (with its supple new timing belt) toward Chapel Hill.

It's only fair to point out to Mould buffs that while Bob appears frequently in the accompanying narrative, it's mostly about me and my own adventures. There. You've been warned.

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