Hüsker Dü images: Bob Mould & Grant Hart, Minneapolis, 08 Sep 1996

Photo: Chantal Latchford

Photo: plh
Contrary to popular belief, there were a handful of meetings between Bob and Grant after the Hüsker breakup. This one occurred in the dressing room at 1st Ave on 08 Sep 1996, the first show of a two-night stand there for Bob. Grant was hanging upstairs and asked me to find out if Bob would see him. Bob instantly and firmly dismissed the request. Time passed, I forget how much; suddenly, Bob turned and said, with an air of resignation, "Why don't you go get Grant." The meeting was strange, to say the least. Grant was ebullient. Bob was uncomfortable and unhappy, but his grimace in the top photo (captured by Chantal Latchford) is more a reaction to the camera than to Grant. The actual conversation was polite, albeit strained. Grant presented Bob with some artwork he'd created from found objects — a sort of chain, as I recall, of nuts, washers, and other roadside metal strung together — but Bob requested that Grant ship it to him so he didn't have to carry it around on the road. To the best of my knowledge, these two photos (mine is a blurry afterthought, a hurried "holy crap, I need to get a record of this") are the only documents of the event.

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